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  1. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Better with the original soundtrack. ;) I'll have to be doing exactly that shortly, as I also have a 1300cc Triumph OHV to rebuild...
  2. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I played the shit out of Midtown Madness 2, it was also the first game I modded and was the basis for the first forum I joined. The earliest driving game I remember playing was one of the Lotus Challenge games on DOS. I don't think either really influenced my car taste...
  3. captain_70s

    The Weather Thread

    I fear Summer 2019 may have been the un-seasonally warm fortnight in early May and now we're fucked for the rest of the year.
  4. captain_70s

    Kat's Peggy Beetle

    Manual top = basically a NA MX-5. Right?
  5. captain_70s

    Personal International Car Garage

    UK - My Triumph Dolomite 1300, as it is a forever car. Germany - Mercedes W111 230S. For luxury saloonage. Other Germany - Trabant 601. For two stroke. France - Citroen DS23. For maximum Frenchness Italy - Alfa Romeo Spider Mk2. For sporty convertible USA - 1966 Ford Country Squire. For moving...
  6. captain_70s

    Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

    Uh. I think you'll find my 3-cylinder with compression-on-some Dolomite 1300 is actually less powerful in that it no longer generates enough power to move the car...
  7. captain_70s

    Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

    100.33Nm @ 3,500rpm.
  8. captain_70s

    Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

    Add my latest slows, pls 1983 Triumph Acclaim - 52.90Kw, 1335cc, 850kg, NA i4 petrol
  9. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts....

    Glad to hear you're doing better health wise, Kat! Nice car too. I see millions of 500s every day but Abarths seem to be fairly rare over here. Keeping the Beetle indicates a level of automotive masochism I've not seen in anybody but myself... :oops:
  10. captain_70s

    Cpt.70's NotAHonda - 1983 Triumph Acclaim L

    What brings you to this damp and cold corner of this windswept isle? Prepare for deep fried food and the concept of commas being replaced with "fuck(ing)".
  11. captain_70s

    Cpt.70's NotAHonda - 1983 Triumph Acclaim L

    Shit video recap from April: Anyway, I had a squeaky front brake so set about stripping it down for a nosy and investigate. Seems a piston was a bit sticky and wouldn't wind back properly. I tried to loosen the bleed nut to lessen the pressure behind it. That was the final result having...
  12. captain_70s

    Automotive Youtube channels you enjoy (not traditional journalist review outlets)

    I am fond of the following: Mustie1 - Tinkering with air cooled VWs in New England. Other things with engines are avaliable. AgingWheels - Guy has a Trabant in the States. 'Nuff said. Cold War Motors - 1950s Yank Tanks in Canada. Furious Driving - UK based. Lots of old junk. Pete C -...
  13. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts....

    I was at the local train station t'other day and it announced it was Star Wars day on the scrolling text thing which announces the train schedule. I've seen it reference pop culture before...
  14. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    My cars are mostly free, because old. The Dolomites are registered as "historic" so MOT (mildly terrifying) and road tax (woo hoo!) exempt with no limitations as to use, yet. The Acclaim is too new to be properly old in the eyes of the government so still requires an MOT and taxing but still...
  15. captain_70s

    Pandas, am I right?

  16. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    There is a guy on the Autoshite forum who had a Bentley Brooklands. I think after about £20,000 worth of repairs (suspension rebuild and electrics mostly) it blew it's headgasket and he was quoted another £6k to get that sorted so he bought a V12 XJS as a cheaper alternative... He is now...
  17. captain_70s

    Ownership Verified: My Brooklands Green sports saloon...

    A NOS Hadrian Panels Dolomite wheel arch repair panel, what a find! A fellow Dolly owner alerted me to this for sale on eBay for £85 and I snapped it up as soon as I saw the post. These NOS pattern panels are now very scarce but are exactly what I need for my repairs. Expensive but entirely...
  18. captain_70s

    Cpt.70's NotAHonda - 1983 Triumph Acclaim L

    Update, I was wrong and right about the wheel cylinder. Turns out the brake line mounting point on the shock (the NOS one I had fitted last year) had snapped off. The mount is only secured with two little spot welds and it looks like water has gotten in behind it, corroded the steel and the...
  19. captain_70s

    Ownership Verified: Meet Karl - 1974 Opel Rekord

    Personally I'd go for the hubcaps as I do like the "Grandma car" appeal. On the other hand it may also look smart with black steelies and hubcaps without the trims, although I may be biased...