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  1. Lieutenant47

    SFW Wallpaper (56K & Low Bandwidth Take a Bus)

    Similar to the "Post Your Desktop" sticky, but just plain safe for work wallpaper, mostly hi-res. No icons, no taskbars or gadgets. Safe for work, so keep it clean. Those looking for racy pics should head on over to the NSFW Forum. All sizes are welcome, but you should try to keep images...
  2. Lieutenant47

    The Silverfox Scale

    This is an excerpt from a novel I wrote a long time ago (never published) and goes way back to my early Navy days. I dredged it up as a humorous and completely different follow-up to my earlier "Quantum Theory of Bogodynamics" post. I present it here for your amusement and enjoyment. We...
  3. Lieutenant47

    Quantum Theory of Bogodynamics

    Otherwise known as understanding all things bogus. I first ran across this theory back in the mid 90's. I am not the original author of this, and much of it has since become viral and/or entered the world of internet folklore. What I'm writing here is largely from memory and my own...