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  1. MXM

    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    Thu-sun, car..... hotel.
  2. MXM

    Welcome to XenForo

    Fantastic! Needs small tweaks, but already feels like home :mrgreen:
  3. MXM

    LED signal conversion

    The light itself will work just fine, as DaBoom said it's advertised to work with raw 12V, so it has current limiting built in. What could be a problem is indicators flashing too fast, depending on how the circuit is done on your bike. If it's a problem, the equivalent resistance to a 10W...
  4. MXM

    Cancer Sucks

    If you read this, Alex, I wish you find enough composure to enjoy whatever time you have left. And thanks for very literally changing my life in many ways. Any of us can go at any time, but we have the privilege of not having to think about it constantly. I literally can't wrap my head around...
  5. MXM

    Ukraine and Romania Roadtrip 2019. Start saving up for new shocks.

    It'll be fiiiiine :mrgreen: But honestly yeah, some parts are very sketchy, and schedule is designed around that. I'm also reading travel reports from local forums to get up to date information on road conditions. And then there's streetview through the most of the route. We'll survive.
  6. MXM

    Ukraine and Romania Roadtrip 2019. Start saving up for new shocks.

    Dates: July 27th - August 8th Route: Lviv - western side of Ukraine - Carpathian mountains - Transfăgărășan, Transalpina - Budapest - Victoria Station The map is the first draft, just a few waypoints, not the final route. Day 1 - Start in Lviv (my hometown, woop!) spend the first day there...
  7. MXM

    Ownership Verified: Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    Does the bumper still look good after half a year? Also, is that a 15ml or 30ml bottle? I bought some with intention of bringing Panda's faded plastic back to life... but there's an awful lot of plastic on the Panda, and C4 is stupidly expensive :)
  8. MXM

    Ownership Verified: Four more litres of displacement ('92 LS400)

    Oh wow, didn't realize I haven't posted here anything last year. Short recap: During last year's wintermeet the left rear quarter was reshaped a bit against a snow bank, which was straightened and painted during the summer. Careful inspection also revealed that there are several panels that...
  9. MXM

    Feedback on a donation program/status?

    Awesome! Is the 25 image limit just some default or is there a good reason to have it at that? I ran into the limit already when editing the first post if the PYC 7 thread 😅
  10. MXM

    Ownership Verified: We can rebuild it... we have the technology (7 - take two)

    I went through the thread and fixed all the images in my posts. They are still hosted on armedcats, and aren't clickable, I just fixed the embedded links. I use this thread a lot as a personal reference regarding the stuff I've done to the car, as it seems I was pretty diligent at documenting...
  11. MXM

    Forum Suggestions / Issues

    I don't know if that's reasonable (or even possible), but if you run a replace every, a whole lot of old threads will have working embedded images again. I've started doing it for my 7 thread, but after 9 pages I'm exhausted, it's very hard...
  12. MXM

    Welcome to XenForo

    Ditto. I'm not a fan of dark themes personally, so getting a bit of classic colors back would be nice.
  13. MXM

    Welcome to XenForo

    Ah, got it. Thanks.
  14. MXM

    Welcome to XenForo

    In the new posts list, clicking on the thread name leads to the first post, is there a way to jump to the first unread post quickly? Like the icon before the thread name used to do on old forum, which now links to user profile. EDIT: The link on the thread name actually has /unread at the end...
  15. MXM

    Welcome to XenForo

  16. MXM

    Ownership Verified: We can rebuild it... we have the technology (7 - take two)

    Couple of videos from last weekend. More entertaining (wet laps): Faster (drier laps):
  17. MXM

    Ownership Verified: We can rebuild it... we have the technology (7 - take two)

    For some reason I don't have much energy updating my PYC threads lately. And all the armedcats images seem dead :( Have one photo from last weekend:
  18. MXM

    Icetrack meet 2018, Laughing all the way to the snowbank

    Hey, I developed some film!
  19. MXM

    Ringmeet 2018 - First Blood

    For my filmshots go here: It's mostly roadtrip, but some ringmeet photos at the end. I lost about half a roll at the end by dropping the camera and exposing the film :(