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    My 2015 911 Turbo Beetle

    Nice car indeed! I dig the color!
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    Roadtrip 2018 Balkan Edition - In the Game of Shades, you win or you fry

    Great pictures and videos! You guys really had fun!
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    Concept: Peugeot e-Legend

    I like its retro-modern style but it has some similarities to the Camaro.
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    What's your mobile phone history?

    Nokia 3210 Nokia E70 Samsung D500 Blackberry 8900 LG G4 Samsung S9 (current phone)
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    Ford confirms return of Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV

    I hope the new Bronco has a touch of classic style but with modern features.
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    1990 Acura Integra GS hatchback five

    Check also the Throttle Position Sensor. It might need a replacement.
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    Motorcycle gear recommendations thread

    That saddle bag looks good but a bit expensive.
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    Jeep Gladiator Pickup for 2020

    A 2-door model would be nice also.
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    If You Were a Car, What Car Would You Be?

    A classic Porsche 911. Vintage yet so nice to look at.
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    too late to rotate tires?

    Ok. I just realized that I have not rotated my nexen tires yet. I have 12k miles on them. Is it too late to rotate them?
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    Unveiled: 2018 Shelby Super Snake

    It has a nice exterior form but the front-end is a bit overdone.
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    I just finished playing...

    Just finished playing the State of Decay 2. I enjoyed it but the first one is a lot better.
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    Consistent acceleration issues. Second opinion needed

    It could be a computer problem with throttle position. Try to check it.
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    That custard crumble tart looks yummy. I feel hungry now.
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    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    That M3 Sport Evolution is the most iconic Bimmer of all time. Would love to have one.
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    Diecast Models

    Nice one. Even the small details look perfect.
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    Last movie you saw?

    I agree that the first Deadpool movie is a lot better.
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    Spot Them Beater Cars

    Falcon is one of my fave classic cars. Actually, my grandpa owned one.
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    Best Rangefinder camera?

    What's your budget? Check out Leica as they offer quality digital rangefinder cameras.
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    Noises from front end

    Had the same issue in my car and that's because of the snapped control arm.