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  1. Amie8

    James May's Toy Stories Special 2013

    News of a new special to come. Look out for it around Christmas, probably
  2. Amie8

    Jeremy on Danny Baker's Great Album Showdown

    Tuesday, 5th February at 9.00 pm on BBC4. Jeremy is one of Danny Baker's three guests talking about the heyday of the vinyl album and picking their favourites. It's a three part series, but Clarkson is only guesting on the first one. Not too many prizes for guessing some of the albums he will...
  3. Amie8

    New science Youtube channel for James

    This might be just a rumour, but somebody tweeted the other day that he was doing some filming for this, and the blurb below was found on YT's Featured Channels page marked as "coming soon" Topical Science Channel with James May James May and his crack team of scientists respond to what?s...
  4. Amie8

    Clarkson and May filming in the north of England

    There's been stacks of stuff on Twitter and elsewhere about Jeremy and James filming in Yorkshire and Durham over the last few days. It has been generally assumed that this was a Top Gear shoot, as various TG-compatible cars were involved, as was cameraman Iain May. However, Jeremy cast some...
  5. Amie8

    Hammond's new project for 2013

    How much of a Hammond fan do you need to be to get excited about this? More of a fan than me, definitely. Hate, loathe and detest hidden camera shows
  6. Amie8

    Top Gear wins Lifetime Achievement Award..

    At the Rose D'Or Festival in Switzerland (what we oldies used to know as The Golden Rose of Montreux)