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  1. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    760 HP
  2. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    Aero for GT500 in pics
  3. Paul_The_Aussie

    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    I am very keen on this and the Speedtail, very much meh on the Project 1.
  4. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    I couldn't get the original thread to load so mods, happy for you to merge.
  5. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Ford Future Product Pipeline

    Is it optimistic for the GT500 to be out first half of 2019? Although there are a few prototypes running around I thought it was a MY2020 car, so latter half of 2019.
  6. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: Bugatti Divo hypercar

    reserve judgement until some track times are done. Still, a bit of a beast.
  7. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: Brabham BT62

    A bit of as promo for it.
  8. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: Brabham BT62

    Cannot wait to see this beast on the track. The sound of it in the "teaser" vid doing the drive by sounded HOT!!
  9. Paul_The_Aussie

    2019 Volvo V60

    Good to see another attractive wagon/estate come out, while the Volvo is out of our budget for the time being we're looking at getting an estate/wagon.. Volvo has been on a bit of a roll lately.
  10. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: 2019 Ford Ranger (for murica)

    looks like the one that's been in AU for a couple of years (designed in AU built in Thailand)
  11. Paul_The_Aussie

    2018 Lamborghini Urus

    May be saving it for a future even more hi-po version?
  12. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 Focus

    Thought I would start a thread.
  13. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS

    Not a great evolution of what was initially a revolution (4 door coupe). I think it looks better in the dark grey
  14. Paul_The_Aussie

    2018 Not Volvo Exotic Dancer Coupe

    i like it, looks neat, though wheels are probably a little too big, making it look like a crossover, in saying that, the pic of the white car, the rear view looks like a bit of an old school muscle car. Can't wait to see how it performs.