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  1. Ringo Shells

    Australian version of Top Gear

    I never thought of it like that...but i think you've hit a nail.....possibly on its head.
  2. Ringo Shells

    Ben Collins on TopGear, How did we missed that?

    yeah.....if the world were to know...wouldn't it ruin the character they've built up?
  3. Ringo Shells

    This car MUST be in the first series

    looks pretty damned sweet.
  4. Ringo Shells

    Chevy Rock & Roll 400

  5. Ringo Shells

    Honda reliability? Bah. Now for a Subaru.

    Re: Honda reliability? Bah. Now for a Subaru. Great stuff, but please tell me you do know this makes no sense?
  6. Ringo Shells

    Random Thoughts....

    MY ASS IS ON FIREE~~~~~!@!@@#!@$##$^$&#$
  7. Ringo Shells

    Post a pic...of you & your toaster.

    oh yay. also, didnt flip the photo, used my phone. its lame, its idea of "zoom" is to crop the photo. lame, lame stuff.
  8. Ringo Shells

    Ugliest cars ever

    ANYTHING Ssangyong do is garbage
  9. Ringo Shells

    Post a pic...of you & your toaster.

    Crap photo of me. but the toaster looks killer!! :D
  10. Ringo Shells

    Good Lawd, It's Wolverine!!!

    thats not the point, the point is, hes an idiot, and although temporary, i have he had to take the hugest shit in the world the moment they were finished putting them in
  11. Ringo Shells


    im noticing a pattern here....... user 1: invite please :D user 2: youve got PM user 3: me too please!! user 4: etc
  12. Ringo Shells

    Good Lawd, It's Wolverine!!!

    he will learn a valuable lesson about being a tool.
  13. Ringo Shells

    Open spot for a logo designer

    ....thought id add to the series of posts that were purely emoticons
  14. Ringo Shells

    Open spot for a logo designer

  15. Ringo Shells


    i saw a preview for that once, seeing as how Australia dont really get those shows (although we get get to see harvey birdman). It looked like it could be funny, but it also gave the impession that it could very well be utter balls.
  16. Ringo Shells

    "Do you kill Iraqi children?"

    As im fairly certain was mentioned in here earlier, but im too lazy to quote, so i shall poorly paraphrase.... just becasue theres other bad shit happening around the world, doesnt make the bad shit done by some ok.
  17. Ringo Shells

    PGR3 Pics

    i just started playing gotham a few days back, awesome stuff, hoping to plough through a decent enough portion before school gets too heavy for the semester.
  18. Ringo Shells

    Dell recalls flaming laptop batteries

    ive heard that laptops can permanently damage the bits n pieces, if you actually keep it on your lap. so look out lads (including me)!!
  19. Ringo Shells

    When do you know a furom has too many topics?

    yeah, ive grown tired of checking my spelling, as even this topic title proves.