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  1. E280T

    Which Episode? Airfield at Night, Merc and BMW

    I remember an episode where they are on an airfield with an Mercedes (Brabus Bullit?!) and a BMW. Properly there was a third car. The scene was at night and there were explosions and fire. I can't find the episode. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.
  2. E280T

    Episode with cheep car race in the snow

    I remember an episode where the three made a cheep car challange to a snowracetrack where the take part in a race. It was in Switzerland or Austria. Does anyone know which episode this was? Thanks!
  3. E280T


    I want to have a account but you have to receive the invitation key by a cell phone with an us number. Would it be possible that someone do this for me and send me the code? Thanks in advance.
  4. E280T

    GTA IV UK Version

    I want to buy the UK Version of GTA IV on Does anyone know if its possible to switch to german subtitles in the game? Buying 18+ games on amazon and ship them to germany shouldn't be a problem any more, or is it? thanks