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  1. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 GT500 leaked?

    I couldn't get the original thread to load so mods, happy for you to merge.
  2. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2019 Focus

    Thought I would start a thread.
  3. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: Ford Falcon Sprint revealed
  4. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Audi just created diesel fuel from air and water
  5. Paul_The_Aussie

    Jalopnik: Expanded Ford RS range? Doesn't seem right, may be Fiesta and Mondeo at a stretch but the rest?
  6. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Future Ford GT First Look

    Read more:
  7. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Ford to replace 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine after just 4 model years Interesting.
  8. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: 2016 Ford Focus RS spotted for the first time This is gonna be epic!!!
  9. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: 2015 Ford F-150
  10. Paul_The_Aussie

    Jalopnik: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Has 620 Horses, 650 Pound Feet Of Torque
  11. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: BMW M3 and M4 unveiled And the M3 and M4 look HAWT!!!! yes please :)
  12. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Holden to pull out of Australia from 2016, according to senior Government ministers And there's another nail in AU manufacturing...
  13. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Ford AU to close FPV

    Taken from an official notice on another forum not unexpected, considering Ford brought FPV back into 100% Ford ownership last year, the writing was on the wall then. With the announcement of Ford AU manufacturing closing this year it is all coming together and it will all be nicely packaged...
  14. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Frankfurt show: Ford heads upmarket with Vignale!prettyPhoto I don't mind the look, I think it is a good idea. Like the look of the interior.
  15. Paul_The_Aussie

    Unveiled: Peugeot 308 R hot hatch revealed Do it Peugeot, you know you want to... :)
  16. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Ford rolling in profit despite grim Europe A good effort from Ford, though I am hoping the EU region picks up.
  17. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: BMW's M3 coupe is dead; here comes the M4

    I hope it does look like the above pic. Aggressive enough without going overboard.
  18. Paul_The_Aussie

    News: Mexican supercar with Ford Ecoboost engine
  19. Paul_The_Aussie

    Spied: MY15 Ford Mustang spotted

    more pics within below link