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  1. Red_Bull

    My computer wont turn on

    Seems like the place for this! My knowledge on these sorts of things is limited but i'm having trouble with my computer. Whenever I go to boot it increasingly it just hangs with blank monitors or cycles through a couple of pages of info and the bios intro screen without getting anywhere...
  2. Red_Bull

    2014 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Ok guys, welcome to the Malaysian Grand Prix thread. So we got to see the new formula for the first time at Melbourne and how the teams have got to grips (or havent yet) with the new technologies. There's no doubt the noise of the engines is a fairly divisive issue between us and it's not likely...
  3. Red_Bull

    2014 Australian Grand Prix

    Well here it is then, the start of the 2014 Formula One season, and probably, you'd have to say, one of the more anticipated seasons yet after a dismal end to 2013. So many questions to be answered, just how far ahead are Mercedes? What can Williams do? Are Ferrari in the game and just how badly...
  4. Red_Bull

    Ownership Verified: Taxi!! RB's VF SV6

    Well I got sick of the Honda Accord Euro and decided to get rid of it. Since I'd bought it in 2012 it never really grew on me and over the past couple of months little things were starting to gnaw at me such as they way it went over bumps, or the incessant rattles inside somewhere near the rear...
  5. Red_Bull

    Holden Commodore set to be exported to the US (finally)

    Probably look similar this: Anyway, it's good news for Holden who are struggling with their large car sales of late.
  6. Red_Bull

    Cycling in southern France and northern Italy

    So a mate has convinced me to cycle with him from Nice, France to Florence, Italy in May which gives me six weeks to try and get into some sort of shape. I figure I'll buy a bike over there, they seem pretty cheap and in terms of accommodation just wing it and see where we end up. Anyone know...
  7. Red_Bull

    Illustrator help

    Guys I'm having a bit of trouble with a logo, I'd like to remove the centre of the O if possible and dont know how it can be done. Any assistance would be helpful. I can make the actual O disappear with the clipping tool but not the centre! Also which looks better, the logo above, or this...
  8. Red_Bull

    2012 Car Launches and Testing Thread

    Ok, might be about time for the 2012 Annual Season Launch thread. As usual it's a place for all news and photos specifically regarding the new car launches, unveilings, speculation about what piece does what, etc. Other stuff like driver movements and the like are to remain in the other thread...
  9. Red_Bull

    Red Bull's Accord Euro

    I figured it was time I got around to making this thread for the car I bought about a month or so ago. It's a 2010 Honda Accord Euro, or for those playing in the States, an Acura TSX. Unfortunately it's an automatic which I know you guys are going to hate but for the price I got it for I can't...
  10. Red_Bull

    F1/McLaren art

    So I've been busy recently knocking out a few of these side view cars in Photoshop. I sorta have the idea that I wanna create some sort of picture with every McLaren from 1966-2011, although I'm also toying with the idea of doing a picture with all the world champion cars from each year. Anyway...
  11. Red_Bull

    I'm not reluctant to start a new thread

    No :P
  12. Red_Bull

    RESULTS - July Photoshop Competition

    Ok guys, RESULTS! Chop 1 Chop 2 Chop 3 Chop 4 Chop 5...
  13. Red_Bull

    Working overseas holiday thing

    Im thinking (very tentatively I might add) of going on one of these work overseas programs and should I not be accepted into the TAFE course I want, I'll give greater consideration to it (I might do it anyway, even if I did get in). The idea of working in Canada on a seasonal contract or...
  14. Red_Bull

    2010 European Grand Prix

    So the 2010 European Grand Prix will be held at Valencia. The Toyota Camry of circuits. It's dull, there are vast expanses of nothingness in it's design and is not conductive to exciting or imaginative racing (when was the last time you saw a Toyota Camry being driven spiritedly either on a race...
  15. Red_Bull

    June Photoshop Competition

    Salguod has chosen the car to be chopped for this month, here it is: The deadline will be the 2nd July 2010. PM your entries to me, and remember to resize to 800x600. Try not to have anything in the title or actual chop that states who made...
  16. Red_Bull

    VOTING - May Competition

    Results! Finally :) Chop 1 Chop 2 Chop 3 Chop 4 Chop 5...
  17. Red_Bull

    May Photoshop Competition

    Hi guys, here's the new competition for this month and FordGT as the winner of last months competition has chosen this as the car to be chopped. Here's a non background version I've quickly done up which you may use as well. The deadline at this stage will be 22nd May but it may change...
  18. Red_Bull

    RESULTS - April photoshop competition

    RESULTS Here's the pic that was chopped, a Mazda2 And now for the chops: ======================================================== Chop 1 - hbriz Chop 2 - salle Chop 3 - CraigB Chop 4 - Red_Bull Chop 5 - xeonidas [url=] Chop 6...
  19. Red_Bull

    April Photoshop Competition (back by popular demand)

    Hi guys, we're back! Salguod has chosen the car to be chopped, a Mazda 2, here it is: Remember, you're free to do whatever you want to this car and feel free to browse some previous competition threads for clues as to what people have been doing. There are a few basic rules that will...
  20. Red_Bull

    New Safety Car - Merc SLS AMG

    Scroll down for the pics and to skip all the boring facts and PR spin Source Oh, and rep to the person who can find these pictures in a higher res.