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  1. MWF

    LeVeL's UK trip 2019

    If you're interested in Hadrian's wall then this is where to go - - and it's on the A69 en route from the northern edge of the Lake District en route to Newcastle. I just noticed that you're coming over in the autumn which is the best time to visit "The Lakes".
  2. MWF

    LeVeL's UK trip 2019

    Rent a car - I would suggest diesel for fuel economy as UK fuel prices are the raep, and slushbox unless you are comfortable changing gear with the "wrong" hand while driving on the correct side of the road. At least for the parts outside of London. Stonehenge doesn't have a railway station for...
  3. MWF

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    That is absolutely stunning. Please bring it to Ringmeet so we can stand around it and point to various items in the engine bay.
  4. MWF

    Post Your Watches

    Very smart example, understated and stylish. I approve.
  5. MWF

    Random Thoughts....

    Mountain lions should be illegal. So should mountain goats.
  6. MWF

    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    Just felt like proper, old school TG. I know they are trying to please a dumbed down mass audience but more like this and less of the bollocks from last week would be appreciated.
  7. MWF

    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    Aaaand one of them has already proven that he can't drive! :ROFLMAO:
  8. MWF

    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    As the 'Ring is closed for the Friday we would once again be up for a touristy day out/scenic drive. We really enjoyed the Bunker tour last year and HWF3.0 would very much like to do something other than just standing around at the campsite or the 'Ring. Suggestions gratefully received.
  9. MWF

    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

  10. MWF

    Season 26 Confirmed to Start Feb 17th, 2019

    TG very much got its mojo back last season whereas TGT just seems to deteriorate with each new episode.
  11. MWF

    Season 26 Confirmed to Start Feb 17th, 2019
  12. MWF

    Stupid Driver Stories

    Driver crashes "avoiding octopus". Some of the comments are pure gold! :ROFLMAO:
  13. MWF

    [03x04] - February 1, 2019 - Pick Up, Put Downs

    What is sad is the fact that with the budget they've got they don't seem to be making the effort to produce a quality product. With all their combined experience, over 60 years if you include Wilman, they have no excuse for such shoddy offerings. Wilman went on record many years ago and said...
  14. MWF

    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread Interesting way to prevent dings and dents while parked I suppose.
  15. MWF

    [03x04] - February 1, 2019 - Pick Up, Put Downs

    3/10 for the Jaaag and occasional moments in conversation street. The whole pick-up thing was a new low. This episode couldn’t have jumped more sharks in 60 minutes if it were Chief Brody skinny dipping after a dozen Viagra and a bottle of tequila.
  16. MWF

    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    Someone needs to update the drivetrain, fix the structural rot, fit a new bed and interior and then matte clearcoat it. It will look awesome.
  17. MWF

    Today I Learnt...

    Oscar Isaac aka Star Wars' Poe Dameron will be voicing Gomez according to IMDB.
  18. MWF

    Today I Learnt...

    What scarface said, just don't go beyond the first two - after that they went downhill faster than a jet powered avalanche.
  19. MWF

    Post a pic of yourself

    Holy shit, Mally Dangerous is back in da house! Welcome back, fella!
  20. MWF

    Cancer Sucks

    Don't stop fighting. We're all rooting for you.