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  1. captain_70s

    Lunacy and Eternal Optimism part II - 2001 Disco 2 V8

    Excellent work, slightly more elegant than me fitting a random brandless cassette player to the Acclaim and relying on the interference fit between the surround and the fascia to wedge it in place...
  2. captain_70s

    Ownership Verified: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500

    The only problem I can see (hear) is that it'd be completely impossible to drive anywhere without constantly feeling the urge to run up and down the gears to experience more of the sound.
  3. captain_70s

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Fuck. That makes my local road repairs look like engineering marvels. I mean, they had no longevity, but they were at least vaguely flat while they lasted...
  4. captain_70s

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Last year over summer a truck came down my street and some guys dumped some asphalt into most of the potholes and half arsedly pressed it into place. Now it's winter and a combo of frost and traffic has torn it all back up and I'd say it's actually worse than it was previously. My street doesn't...
  5. captain_70s

    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

    If there is one thing I've learnt from living in an urban environment it's that people will seemingly go out of their way to park next to you and open their door right into the side of your car. A fella did it after parking next to me at a supermarket while me and Girlfriend_70s were still sat...
  6. captain_70s

    Forum Suggestions / Issues

    I also have the site becoming inaccessible after I try to post something containing a URL, regardless of the browser used. After half an hour or so the access returns. Currently I can only access the forum via my phone on my phone network data, anything connected to my home internet won't...
  7. captain_70s

    Cancer Sucks

    Fuck, hang in there fella.
  8. captain_70s

    The Post Your Pets Thread

    Girlfriend_70s family's doggo:
  9. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Back in the old days one of my neighbours used to have a J60 LandCruiser, it was rusty as hell and was eventually scrapped around 2005ish. I've never seen another of that generation. Man I wish Spring would... erm, spring. I do at least have nice new rear brake shoes.
  10. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts....

    Is that the one where they get sent to the Jungle? I thought that finished last year?
  11. captain_70s

    Weird Dreams Thread

    I had a dream t'other night whereby me and Girlfriend_70s were watching some dogs playing in a park. Then there was a big grey wolf playing in amongst the dogs. Then the dogs were ours. Then the wolf was ours. We had a pack of pet dogs, which was great. And a pet wolf, which was cool as fuck.
  12. captain_70s

    Cpt.70's NotAHonda - 1983 Triumph Acclaim L

    Coming up to a year of ownership on the old Acclaim now. Had to do very little to the car aside from general servicing. Oil/filter change, new rear brake shoes, new tyres, etc. A few notable things have occured. Firstly the car didn't turn over very happily on the starter and had an uneven...
  13. captain_70s

    Ownership Verified: My Brooklands Green sports saloon...

    My main issue budget ruining all my plans, the very most I can afford is to shove another engine in while reusing as many components as possible to keep costs low. I want to keep the car true to it's roots, so to speak, so it'll always have a 1300cc Triumph OHV. In an ideal world it'd get an...
  14. captain_70s

    Ownership Verified: My Brooklands Green sports saloon...

    Update. Eventually got tired of the car's intermittent hot running issues and set about going about things in a slightly less haphazard manner. Pulled the carb off and gave it a good clean as it was covered in crud, also replaced the waxstat with two period correct "New Pennies". The waxstat...
  15. captain_70s

    Stupid Driver Stories

    I know a fella who got banned before getting his license, didn't stop him from driving though. His logic was that banning him was pointless as he was already banned, he couldn't pay any fines and they couldn't afford to keep him in jail for any length of time...
  16. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts....

    There was a while where I thought the site was dead for good, I was holding out hope that it was just Christmas/New Year ect getting in the way of a triumphant return!
  17. captain_70s

    Xenforo Test

    Holy shiiiiiiiiiet. I thought the site was dead for good for a while, nice work getting it up and running again!
  18. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Nah, I've still got multiple cars, namely the Triumph (Honda) Acclaim (Ballade). The Doloshite is no longer the daily driver and as thus I'm in no rush to repair it. The plan has been to use the car's current engine to expiry ever since I last returned it to the road on account of it being...
  19. captain_70s

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    It seems silly to scrap a car I've just fitted a new rotor arm to and recently lubricated the carburettor linkages on for something as trivial as an engine...