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  1. CrzRsn

    LeVeL's UK trip 2019

    As far as shifting with the “wrong” hand goes, its not that big of a challenge. At least for me, it took about 5 minutes in a city enviroment to get comfortable enough with it and another 5 minutes for it to become practically 2nd nature. I’d imagine remembering which side of the road to aim for...
  2. CrzRsn

    Rental Car Roulette

    Meanwhile Carplay started working again in battleship.
  3. CrzRsn

    Rental Car Roulette

    Its not a Camaro. Challengers never had visibility issues for me.
  4. CrzRsn

    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread

  5. CrzRsn

    Rental Car Roulette

    Won roulette last night. Selection in the Hertz President's Circle zone was pretty decent. Couple of convertible Camaros, a few Caddy CTSs, a selection of Intinitis (QX30, QX50, Q50), a Dodge Challenger STX, a Chysler 300S, but I picked this: One of two Challenger R/Ts available. Picked this...
  6. CrzRsn

    Show us your Lego!

    Ugh. My to build/to buy list is growing too fast. Sets I currently have at home but haven't built yet: 75885 - Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC - Speed Champions 75886 - Ferrari 488 GT3 Scuderia Corsa - Speed Champions 75899 - Ferrari LaFerrari - Speed Champions 75893 - Dodge Challenger Demon & Dodge...
  7. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    FYI, look at city center Sixt locations rather than airport locations, its usually significantly cheaper.
  8. CrzRsn

    Mars rover Opportunity - Mission status: Complete

    Hmmm, I know Voyager uses thermoelectric generators for power way out in deep space. I guess that would've been overkill for such a short original mission duration to include on Opportunity.
  9. CrzRsn

    Mars rover Opportunity - Mission status: Complete

    Seeing as how future wind patters are unpredictable and there is still chance that the solar panels may be blown clean enough to generate power eventually, why not set up and automated process to send recovery commands once a week or so.
  10. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts....

    Just got a call back from them. 25 and a half hours after I first called them. Missed the call again, but they left a voice message leading off with "sorry I wasn't able to get in touch with you today, feel free to give us a call back at your earliest convenience." BITCH YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GET...
  11. CrzRsn

    The Music Thread

    Just came across Amaranthe via my Youtube recommended videos..... Probably because Minniva just dropped a cover on Friday. Haven't listened to anything else yet, but I'm not so sure about this. Its like metal meets hip hop (at least thats what the vocals in this song remind me of) and I don't...
  12. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts....

    Anyone else find it interesting how its easier to get customer support via Twitter these days than going through traditional support channels (phone, email, chat)? A service I use just overcharged me by $100 for my 2019 renewal for whatever reason. Tried to call them on Friday afternoon, 50...
  13. CrzRsn

    Show us your Lego!

  14. CrzRsn

    Rental Car Roulette

    Meanwhile I had a Ford Ecosport Titanium with the naturally aspirated 2.0L for my ski weekend in Colorado. For political reasons, probably shouldn't elaborate, but holy shit is it bad.
  15. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition] $10k cheaper than the next cheapest one I've seen. I'm tempted to go test drive it.
  16. CrzRsn

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    That's the way it goes pretty much everywhere. I took this photo of a crew doing something similar near my work. And the result of their fine work... Fast forward a year, and the road is in worse condition than it was. I'll try to get a photo later.
  17. CrzRsn

    Show us your Lego! Brilliant little design!
  18. CrzRsn

    Airplane or airport experiences...

    I’ve seen multiple definitions, but I’m referring to itineraries that require multiple tickets. Could either be one airline to get to Paris and a different one to get back, which carries no risk, or the riskier option is one airline to a layover and a different airline from there. After that...
  19. CrzRsn

    Nitrous Blue 2018 Focus RS

    That orange warning light. I see you pressed the fun button. Have you tried drift mode yet? Also RS certificates are now available if you're interested in that kind of thing...
  20. CrzRsn

    An Aussie in Texas, March 14-24, 2019.

    Still looking for flights, but trends are looking unfavorable. Shame too because I'm seeing DTW-DFW flights for peanuts on random weekends in other months.