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  1. samulis

    Ownership Verified: I scream, you scream, we scream, Ice cream, Van (Berlingo)

    Driver isn't in a sleep, so no reason to scream. After that bad punch line I can introduce our new family wagon. Mother in law's summer place is good 5-6h away from Helsinki in Joensuu (used to be 3-4h, but camera's and kid's make life slower), few kilometers from the track where FG winter...
  2. samulis

    Your list of old, EX cars

    Didn't find a topic about it (yep search'd almost for whole 10s) so it is time to have one. List all the cars you've owned. No matter if it was only a day as long you had your name on paper. And if it was when you were young and driving on fields, they count too, because driving as a kid is...