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    Spoilers: So Who The Heck Is Abbie Eaton?

    Okay, yes, she's the American's replacement (and I suspect she should last longer than he did on the show), and I do like that her role won't complicate the presenter dynamic all that much, but who here has heard of her?
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    Guess Who's Returning to QI?

    As Stephen Fry has retired from the QI Master post, Sandi Toksvig gets the center seat this fall. But look who's on the guest list for the N series.
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    The Continued Lowering of Expectations for Chris Evans' Top Gear

    Hoo boy.
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    Top Gear Presents: Extra Gear Well, that's certainly promising. It plays to Rory Reid's background strengths, it creates extra content for the inevitable DVDs, and it's a potential backchannel for developing the new talent.
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    Chris Evans' Top Gear Makes NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!

    For those of you who don't listen to American Public Radio, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is a nationally-broadcast current-events quiz show from Chicago.
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    Top Gear on Shortlist for 2015 NTA You can vote for the show under the Factual Entertainment category.
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    Top Gear In Room 101

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    Top Gear Nominated in 2014 National Television Awards

    You can vote for TG under Factual Entertainment here:
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    Top Gear: Official Full Episodes Now Up On YouTube!
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    A Special Appearance on Stephen Fry's QI

    Note Alan's buzzer sound:
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    Pix from World of Top Gear

    Just spent the past week in London, and yesterday I went to Beaulieu. got some pictures at this link: I also did up a post about it:
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    Planning On Seeing World of Top Gear in September

    I'm planning on a week-long trip to London in September, and I thought I'd take a day to go to Beaulieu and see that World of Top Gear exhibit. A few questions: 1. Has anyone else been there? 2. How did they find the exhibit? 3. Since I'm not planning on driving (no INTL license), how long...
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    Season 13 Coming Soon on DVD (NSTC Region 1)
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    Alister Campbell blogs on his SIARPC experience He wants TG to put up the bits they edited out. Doubt they'll do it. Would you?
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    James May: He's Up For A Bafta,1095,BA.html#jump11 Features The Choir: Unsung Town Production Team BBC Two/Twenty Twenty Television Heston?s Feasts Production Team Channel4/Optomen Television James May?s Toy Stories Will Daws, Stuart Cabb, James...
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    Series 11 and 12 DVD Sets -- Review

    Well, they arrived a few days ago, and these are the Region 1 NTSC coded versions, so they show up with a bit more resolution on my DVD player. There are a few problems with chapter breaks (they didn't include one for the segment of touring car drivers with buses, for example), and a few other...
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    Top 10 Methods for Killing Oliver

    Let's face it -- we all know that Richard's love affair with his Opel Kadette is going to end badly. The only question that remains is how. So -- which method would people like to see? 10. Drop a heavy caravan on it 9. Put it as the lead car in a game of auto football 8. Pull it apart...