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  1. Ice_warmer

    "when possilbe avoid engaging the ABS" but why ?

    Every car manual I've come across, and I read 4 ... so far ... writes in some form or the another that the ABS should only be engaged when absolutely necessary. I've heard there's some valve on the hydraulic circuit that reduces brake pressure when the wheel starts locking, thus the bounciness...
  2. Ice_warmer

    How to film this smooth

    I'm curious how can you film pan shots this smooth
  3. Ice_warmer

    Supercharging an engine

    After some civilised joy driving, I came, and then I came to the conclusion that my chassis could handle a bit more power. Primarily because I tend to drive enthusiastically uphill, because the brakes tend to fade a bit on the downhilly part. After a while of scavenging the net I came to the...
  4. Ice_warmer

    Top Gear suffers minor modding Nooooooooo .... If it's a Dacia Sandero then ... yessssssssss ....
  5. Ice_warmer

    Crossroad for college

    So I'm finishing my first year of automotive engineering at college. Still doesn't seem it suits me 100%. So I'm thinking for now ... to enroll for a degree in Design, or possibly PR and communication (less likely). Anyone did something like this ? I don't actually know what precisely I'm...
  6. Ice_warmer

    Sony Ericsson keypad not working

    So I restarted my C510 a few times because the phone seemed to keep freezing. And the last time I did, the only button that works is the Turn on button(also hang up button) but it won't turn off the phone. They keypad has very rare moments when it works. Wtf happened ? Is there a way to get all...
  7. Ice_warmer

    Diffrent sized tyres

    I can get a tyre (that I need) at a bargain price. But as the cars wheels are 165/70 R13, the tyre I'm being offered is 165/65 R13. Is that an issue ? I mean logic says it will lay a bit lower on one side. Any thoughts ?
  8. Ice_warmer

    What makes you go for a drive ?

    What makes you suddenly say ... I'm going for a drive. I do it because it clears my thoughts. Makes me forget my worries/regrets for a few minutes. Though to achieve this I need a stretch of twisty, open bit of road ... it also needs to be sunny and all of this usually happens at the wee hours...
  9. Ice_warmer

    No BMW ALPINA on Top Gear ?

    Was there ever an ALPINA featured in the new format of Top Gear. I don't remember seeing one. Why is that ? Of course, I have a soft spot for ALPINAS.
  10. Ice_warmer

    How do you make something like this in photoshop

    I want to know, or if anyone can make me this: I'm mainly interested in how to make that uniform sun like circle, and how I can change the dimensions of the rays.
  11. Ice_warmer

    Webcam into video surveillance

    I've got some builders coming to do some work at my house this week. And I'm growing VERY paranoid, meaning that I want something to video tape my belongings just to be on the safe side. So I've got a webcam, I've got a computer that stays on most of the time and have lots of HDD space. Can I...
  12. Ice_warmer

    Buying stuff off Ebay (first time)

    I'm trying to buy some dvi-component cables off ebay, never done this before, didn't even set up an account yet. Is there anything i should know about ?
  13. Ice_warmer

    What timing method do they use to measure cars?

    So, to get everything clear from the get go ... although at first sight this is just whining and bitching about, it is ... a bit more scientific. There is a thought, after viewing some outtake of top gear, that keeps reappearing in my mind every time i see a .2 difference between times around...
  14. Ice_warmer

    New HDD

    MY new comp has some pretty quiet fans, so on quiet days, i can hear some noise every 3-4 seconds coming from the comp. I investigated, it seems my hdd makes those noises, i believe it is the read/write head moving about. Is there a hdd on sale now that has a constant level of noise ?(apart...
  15. Ice_warmer

    First car experiences

    So we all know that our first cars are a bit special to every single one of us. Even if we were too embarrassed to be seen in it, or it was so full of rust holes that on rainy days you would realise that your clothes were not ruined by that almost torn in half seat but by water gushing out...
  16. Ice_warmer

    Bent side skirt

    My car fell of the jack while trying to change the wheel, thankfully i was smart enough to put a wheel just under the skirt (so no damage to the brake disc). But my jack being that stupid "Y" shaped type, because of winter there some dirt was on the ground, it slid outward smashing the skirt in...
  17. Ice_warmer

    Diffrence iPhone vs. iPod Touch

    So i have somekind of faint "DO WANT" sentiment haunting me, i want to get an iphone/ipod, for some weeks now. I saw that the ipod touch is considerable cheaper but seems to have the same specifications as the iphone minus the actually beeing a phone, wich doesn't bother me much because it has...
  18. Ice_warmer

    Snow = Drifting (Techniques)

    Ok so besides the frustrations of frozen doors, people ramming into each other and the damn cold, winter comes with the fun inducing snow. So everybody knows a small never-been-plowed abandoned road, so what i want to talk about is snow drifting, particulary FWD drifting because of course that...
  19. Ice_warmer

    There was a 4th driver used for filming top gear in romania

    It seems that for filming top gear on the transfagarsan they used a ginger haired driver man to do some high speed shots ... only with a wig. and here is the lamborghini can't clearly see who is driving, but that haircut is very simillar to the...
  20. Ice_warmer

    Automotive assembly line equipment

    There is a site that sells the equipment of some chrysler assembly line. Some of you may find this boring, but i must say, i was very interested in what kind of equipments is used, although the pics do not come with any description.