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  1. Chade

    Vintage cars in the King Kong production

    Hi all! In Peter Jackssons current project "King Kong" they're creating and filming a set picturing the 30'th New York (pics, more pics) and one of the things they have to do is prepare all the cars form the beginning of the 20:th century that are going to fill the streets of the set. A very...
  2. Chade

    Porsche Cayman

    I found this article at swedish today:,2789,593887,00.html The coup? version of Boxter will be called Cayman and it looks real cool, I think! :) Cayman is a kind of crocodile, and don't you think the rear looks a bit like croc eyes? :)...
  3. Chade

    Computer geek / Software Developer thread

    Especially for idletask, v0od0o, ESPNSTI, me and others like us... :) On titles: I'm (almost) a Software Engineer, since I almost have a masters degree in software enineering, but I don't work as a software developer... ;) I'm currently in a software development project, but I do the...
  4. Chade

    My new and (much) improved Maserati site!

    Hi! The last few days I've been making a new design to my Maserati web site: Since Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't follow current web standards, the pages doesn't look as good as they should if you use IE to view them... To fully experience the cool effects fo the...