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  1. TopGearDog

    Boring family car needed, what to get?

    So, i have 2001 VW Golf 4Motion Variant, which you would think would be a great family car, since it's a Variant and has a nice boot, but everything else is still Golf, so i have to put the front passanger seat up to the glove box to fit the Graco baby seat in the back where i keep my 3 month...
  2. TopGearDog

    Burnout 2009 car show in Iceland.

    Went to a local car show where there's a little bit of everything, from a riced out Honda to a 2500hp dragster. Pretty nice collection of cars considering we are an island in the north with 300.000 people. Lot's more on Flickr.....
  3. TopGearDog

    Das new car.

    Just bought a 1998 VW Golf 1.6 in very good condition, only a couple of minor things to pass inspection. It's manual and has been driven 122.000km's which i have no idea what is in miles. It's very nice to drive and is in very good condition. This thing cost me ?460 and it came with a pretty...
  4. TopGearDog

    Good free CD/DVD burning software?

    Can anyone recommend me some free cd/dvd burning software? I've tried commercial apps like Nero and think it's way too bloated and expensive. Is there anything out there for free or cheap thats simliar to the main Nero Burning ROM application without all the extras for free?
  5. TopGearDog

    My new toy.

    Well, it's actually old and i've had it for a couple of years but forgot about it and found in my closet while cleaning today. I present, the Zenit FotoSnaiper. Too bad, the mirror is broken. :( :cool:
  6. TopGearDog

    Nikon D90 is close.

    Some new info and pics added to post: Video recording 12,3 Mpx. ISO 200-3.200 plus Lo1 (100) and Hi 1 (6.400) 3" 900.000 dots LCD 11 AF points Live-View, AF contrast, Face detection Matrix sensor for metering 420 pixels RGB Powerful speaker (for video in review mode) AF-S DX 18-105 mm...
  7. TopGearDog

    Icelandic offroader from Series 6 that Hammond was in

    TopGear fans may remember in series 6 episode 10 when Hammond was sent back to Iceland to film something better then the coupe cars they did earlier in that series. Well he found a proper offroad car and it was driven over a lake. That very car is owned by G?sli Gunnar J?nsson who happens to...
  8. TopGearDog

    How do you organize your photos?

    I wanted to start a discussion on how you guys store and sort your photographs. I always shoot RAW (NEF) since the D70 has a less then stellar jpeg processing engine and since it's only a 6mp camera, the files arent that large, or around 5mb per NEF. However, my organizing is rubbish and i...
  9. TopGearDog

    Ferrari photoshoot

    :blink: :lol: No thats not photoshopped, some guy actually did that to his excavator and it's standing outside my town.
  10. TopGearDog

    A little thing called Contrast.

    Hey fellow photonuts. :) Just wanted to share a quick little method i sometimes use to increase contrast in images. It might not be anything new to experienced photoshoppers, but maybe someone can make use of it. It is done by using a very useful tool called Selective Color, which i use on...