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  1. jeffy777

    Need a GPS Navigator

    I know absolutely nothing about these, but my wife wants one for her car and she'd like to get one for $150 or less. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) This is a TomTom I'm looking at for $125, but not sure if it's the one I should get...
  2. jeffy777

    Now you know what to get me for Christmas

    Wow, this thing is incredibly badass. It puts my current chair to shame :lol:
  3. jeffy777

    Commercials that annoy the @#$% out of you.

    What commercials (new or old) really annoy/bug/bother you? For me, it's got to be the vaginal itch and stool softener commercials. They usually come on at really great times too, like when I'm eating dinner :barf: There are some that are a lot worse, but this is the only one I found on...
  4. jeffy777

    Patrick Swayze dies

    RIP Patrick Swayze.
  5. jeffy777

    COD: Modern Warfare 2

    New HD Trailer: Looks quite intense :D
  6. jeffy777

    Zombies: coming to a town near you!

    I posted this in the Random Thoughts thread, but any time zombie's are involved, it deserves a thread of it's own.
  7. jeffy777

    Best version of VLC?

    I recently reinstalled Windows and the latest version of VLC seems lame compared to the older version I had before (seems slower, more bloated, etc). Only problem is I don't remember what version I had. They have the older versions here: So if someone...
  8. jeffy777

    Laptop wireless problem

    My friend has a HP Pavilion dv2125nr laptop and it says it's connected to his wireless router (shows signal strength and everything), but it won't actually load any web pages. He's tried it on several different networks and it always connects fine, but never loads anything in the web browser...
  9. jeffy777

    Best way to convert mkv to xvid/divx?

    I need to be able to convert .mkv files to xvid/divx so they play on my standalone divx player. I'm looking for a way to do this as easily as possible. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :D
  10. jeffy777

    US Residents: Get a free taco on Oct 28th

    FREE TACOS FOR AMERICA!!! :D Thought some of you who like Taco Bell might want to take advantage of this:
  11. jeffy777

    RACE Pro: racing sim coming to 360 this fall

    This should be pretty good. It will run on the same engine as GTR, GTR2, RACE 07, etc. Apparently it's going to be a 360 exclusive.
  12. jeffy777

    Interesting statistics about Prescription drugs

    Thought this was interesting, to say the least...... Source: Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ And now for the first time in history, more than half of all insured Americans are on...
  13. jeffy777

    First look at Gears of War 2 gameplay

    HD video of in-game GoW2 footage: Looks like more of the same sweetness. I love the meat shield :)
  14. jeffy777

    The story behind your username

    What is the story behind your username? I thought it would be interesting to hear why you picked your particular username out of all the potential usernames to choose from. I'll go first: My real name is Jeffery, I go by Jeff, but my family calls me Jeffy...and I've always liked the number 7...
  15. jeffy777

    NIN gives away new full length album

    I'm not much of a NIN fan, but I figured someone would benefit from this: Pretty cool of them to do that :D Not too many bands would do such a thing, even if they have already made more than enough from past albums. Most bands just want more, more...
  16. jeffy777

    Is McCain admitting the war is all about oil?

    hmmmm....interesting :rolleyes:
  17. jeffy777

    Keyboard could be 5 times dirtier than your toilet seat
  18. jeffy777

    Nice HDTV price cut coming in May

    Source: $400-$500 price drops? Sounds good to me :)
  19. jeffy777

    Stephen Hawking calls for Moon and Mars colonies

  20. jeffy777

    Intel cuts quad-core price by 50 percent

    And introduces new Core 2 Duo chips at nice prices..... Source: