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  1. Ford Prefect

    can I leave my laptop in my car in subzero temperatures?

    I figure there?s plenty of people on this forum who know more about computers than I do, so here?s my situation: About every other friday or so I drive to work in the morning (new job, it?s great, thank you very much), and then drive to see my girlfriend for the weekend directly from there...
  2. Ford Prefect

    Political situation in Turkey

    I last visited Istanbul about 2 years ago, to party at the centennial celebration of the international school I attended when I lived there with my family. There was already quite a lot of talk about Erdogan and his conservative AKP party, and what they are doing to the country. It appeared that...
  3. Ford Prefect

    Walter R?hrl at the next N?rburgring 24h Oh god I hope he really goes through with this. And I?m thinking the other guys sharing the car with him won?t be amateurs either. I?m totally gonna be there :mrgreen:
  4. Ford Prefect

    so someone hacked my facebook account

    My FB account got hacked and apparently I made wall posts with dodgy websites in them on all my friends? walls. Lovely. I?ve manually deleted them, I think I got them all but I?m not really sure cause it involved a lot of monotonous clicking. I?ve also changed my password. Anything else I can...
  5. Ford Prefect

    my MINI

    So I?m bored, and therefore decided to do something which I had promised/threatened some people with a few times already: post my car... It?s a Mini One, built in September 2001 it?s one of the very first of the "new" Mini generation. It?s basically my first car, as the two I had previously...
  6. Ford Prefect

    virus?? trojan?? help!!!

    Alright, I?m assuming there are people here who know more than I do about computers (which isn?t particularly hard). My problem: My computer restarted itself a little while ago for no apparent reason, and there was some antivirus thing for a few seconds before it happened. Now I get a little...