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  1. anthrax

    What happened to Sport Compact Cars (SCC) and Modified Luxury and Exotics Magazines??

    In the last 4, 5 years I use to buy several american/english car magazines such as Sport Compact Cars, Modified, Modified L&E and, lately, Top Gear. Besides being such a pleasure to read them, it helped to keep my English reading skills. Since the beginning of the year, apart from TG, I...
  2. anthrax

    Cars parody of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Check the video... well done and it's quite a laugh! If you've already seen it.... well, take a look again!
  3. anthrax

    James May: Instead of "Hello" what would you say?

    Well, that was probably one of the most memorable moments in TG when James May approach two beautiful girls and say... "Hello". So, if it was you, what would you say? If it was scripted for him to say that, I honestly don't know, but.... So, give it a try! In pure TG spirit, I'd had said...
  4. anthrax

    Racing steering wheels - yellow mark

    I've been wondering, what's the reason for having a yellow mark on the top of steering wheels used in sport cars (mainly rally cars)?
  5. anthrax

    Top Gear presenters in the Gunball

    Petrolheads, I don't know if they have already made any comment/mention in the older series (from 1999 on), but wouldn't it be great if BBC send the three presenters to follow one of the Gunball events :D ?? Like put them behind the wheel of some great car (or not, which would be the funniest...