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  1. targa_997

    My former BMW E28

    Thanks to my summer jobs and lack of holiday, I was able to afford a funky little 1995 Opel Corsa 1.5 TD at 19. It unfortunately ended after a few months as the car emptied its oil tank in a month without any obvious reason. A friend managed to find a 1994 engine and fit it in the car then sold...
  2. targa_997

    Is Traction Control (without stability) useful for you?

    As I experienced it on my car, I found out the Traction Control is not really helpful on wet surface. I know I have a bad contender: RWD, limited-slip diff and huge caster angle. However, each time I exceed grip limit on wet with the TC off, the car slides brutally requiring soft counter-steer...
  3. targa_997

    Lotus Europa S tested ( Seems to be a Lotus you can live with
  4. targa_997

    New cars are better in every way... ?

    Newer cars are better in every way on paper, however there is something I think they are missing: passion. I don't care how harder they accelerate or how faster they take corners, most of the time I'm not racing against someone else and the only thing I can judge driving them is the pleasure...