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  1. Gingertom

    Abandoned supercars/race cars

    Saw this post on Jalopnik and thought it was worth a thread, especially as new ones tend to show up from time to time (remember that XJ220 that popped up in the desert?) Before you view these pictures, be warned: they may make your soul weep. :cry: Follow the link for more...
  2. Gingertom

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

    Here's my pictures from today. It was the Moving Motorshow, so no real action on the hill, but still plenty to see. Enjoy.
  3. Gingertom

    How to get rid of old car mags?

    So, I've been reading car magazines since I was about 10 and subscribing since I was about 12. As you can imagine I've built up quite a collection since then and because I'm a journalist (at least that's what the certificate on my wall says!) I can't bring myself to simply throw them in the bin...
  4. Gingertom

    So...Alonso or Vettel?

    With the title still up for grabs and with less than a week before the finale I felt a little poll was in order to see just who the F1 fans of Final Gear will be cheering for this weekend. This isn't who do you think will win the championship, but who do you want to win the championship...
  5. Gingertom

    Bond Cars, Top Gear & others at Beaulieu National Motor Museum

    Yesterday I headed into the New Forest to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu to see the 'Bond in Motion' exhibition which is there this year to celebrate 50 years of James Bond with 50 Bond 'vehicles'. The was also the World of Top Gear and the regular exhibitions which I'll post further down...
  6. Gingertom

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - March 2012

    First one of the year but not many pictures this time I'm afraid. It was pissing down with rain, blowing a gale and it was bloody freezing which meant the turnout wasn't that big. Then my umbrella went inside out! Which meant that me and my camera were getting even wetter and even colder so...
  7. Gingertom

    Autosport International 2012

    Here are some of my pictures from the Autosport International show at the weekend: Pop bang colour - the man who paints pictures of cars, using cars. I don't know why Allan is giving me the evil eye in this one! :lol:
  8. Gingertom

    Tiff joins evo Magazine

    In the latest issue of evo magazine, editor Nick Trott talks about how Chris Harris is leaving and how he is being replaced by two people. The first is Jethro Bovingdon "And the other joining evo next month? Two words: Tiff Needell." This isn't the first time Tiff has worked for a car mag but...
  9. Gingertom

    Car Pun Wallpapers (sort of)

    OK, so I got bored the other evening and I started to think up car related pun type things. Then I thought that if I could find a good picture to go with them they might make cool pictures or even wallpapers. I was quite pleased with how some of them turned out so I thought I might as well post...
  10. Gingertom

    Goodwood Breakfast Club Nov 2011 - 5 year anniversary meeting

    For the first time in many many months I have been able to get to Goodwood. It was a special celebration meeting for 5 years of the Breakfast Club, there was also a 4-wheel-drive theme. When I first saw this I had a little chuckle. Then I was...
  11. Gingertom

    2004 Skoda Octavia vRS

    So I've finally done it. You may remember a thread a little while back (I wouldn't be surprised if you don't though) where I asked you all to help me decide which car to get next and after many months of deliberation and frustration I finally have one of those cars. It was a little more than I...
  12. Gingertom

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - June '11

    This month's theme was 'Post-1970 drivers cars', there was also a special TVR section.
  13. Gingertom

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - 'Supercar Sunday' - May '11

    So, even though my dissertation is due in on Tuesday and it's...well lets just say it's not finished yet, I decided that this was one I couldn't afford to miss. I'm paying for it now because I've got a bit of sunburn and I'm absolutely knackered but it was worth it!
  14. Gingertom

    UK Spectator Safety Questions

    I am writing a feature about spectator safety at UK motorsport events for my journalism degree, inspired by this recent incident: I'd be really grateful if some of you could take a couple of minutes to answer a few brief questions: 1. When attending any motorsport event (track, rally, etc)...
  15. Gingertom

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - March '11

    I'm not sure how many of these I'm going to be able to get to this year so make the most of this one! The theme was 'Tax free sunday - Pre 1973 tax free classics and modern eco-vehicles' but as usual there were plenty of other cars as well.
  16. Gingertom

    Car magazine survey for my dissertation

    I'm currently in my last year of my journalism degree at university and I'm doing a dissertation on whether the internet and TV are killing off traditional printed car magazines. I have a very short survey (only 10 questions) and I would be very grateful if some of you could fill it in and give...
  17. Gingertom

    Yet another "What should I buy?" thread

    Due to a very expensive MOT and a list of 'advisory items' as long as my arm the sad time has come for the Fiesta to go. I have a list of possible replacements, all of which are pretty equal in terms of costs but I need some thoughts to help me decide what to go for. Any comments are helpful...