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  1. Viggen

    2008 E60 M5 Touring

    I'm sure there have been one-off M5 wagons made in the past, but this is the first time this generation will go into full production. 5.0-litre V10, 507 hp 0-60 4.8 sec Performance expected to be similar to the sedan. More specs and pics coming...
  2. Viggen

    Those kids with the skate shoes with wheels on the heels...

    Dont you just want to 'clothesline' the little bastards when they come skating by in front of you? I believe they're called "Heelys" as I remembered these a few years ago. But the other day I was at the mall and these smug-face little bastards (a few of them at different places and different...
  3. Viggen

    Official: Opel Astra will come to the US as a Saturn for MY08. After months of speculation, GM confirmed that the Astra will be imported as the Saturn Astra starting in late '07. Good riddance, ION!
  4. Viggen

    All-new 10th generation Toyota Corolla for Europe Um, must find something nice to say about this car... :zzz:
  5. Viggen

    Portland, Oregon rail trip (Attn: Viper)

    The family are begining to lay out our plans for this coming August, and we decided we want to get on the train this time, ditching the car, and go backpacking around the Portland area. We'll be departing from Edmonds, Washington (25 minutes north of Seattle, and I live in the next town over)...
  6. Viggen

    Maddox - "The Alphabet of Maniliness"

    For those who are living under a rock, the internet's favorite ass-kicking pirate has released his very first book and hits book store shelves this week. This book is a fucking riot. It is divided into 26 sections, starting with 'A is for Ass-Kicking' and the chapter explains in detail on how...
  7. Viggen

    Which celebrity or famous person have you met?

    Few years ago I've shaken hands with NBA basketball star Gary Payton when he was still with the Seattle Supersonics, as well as teammate Rashard Lewis (?) who was sitting beside him signing autographs. I've seen Ray Allen (Payton's successor) at a signing at a local department store, but my...
  8. Viggen

    Job interview tomorrow -- Suggestions?

    Today I got a call from a company whom I applied for a week earlier, and they want me to come in for an interview tomorrow morning (08/12) for a part-time position as an assistant to the head chef at a local senior assisted living facility. As excited as I am, I'm also very nervous and have...
  9. Viggen

    Some pictures taken with my Fujifilm FinePix S5100

    Very nice and very hot day out in the city for some good photography. I have a ton, but I'll go with these for now. Hope you like them. View of downtown from Kerry Park, Queen Anne Railway south of downtown, alongside Alaskan Way Evil Empire *ahem* I mean Starbucks world corporate...
  10. Viggen

    I just got a new car.

    Haven't been on the forums for quite some time since I had a lot on my hands for the last few weeks, notably final exams and a death in the family. Long story short, my Grandpa recently passed away after more than a year of battling cancer. Funeral services were done and he was air-shipped home...
  11. Viggen

    2007 Toyota Camry spy pics I'll reserve my final judgement until the official pics come out. So far I think this looks okay, perhaps better than the current model. And I've always very much dislike Camrys because of its "dull-ness and lack of personality" and...
  12. Viggen

    Crying while eating :lol:
  13. Viggen

    Hartge X3 bumper/spoiler kit

  14. Viggen

    Porsche Cayman S

    First official pic leaked. Estimated pricing starting at US $58,900.
  15. Viggen

    Canon PowerShot A95 vs. Fujifilm FinePix S5100

    My trusty old 2.1mp Canon PowerShot S10 lasted me a good few years of decent point-and-shoot photography, but now I've decided to upgrade to a better camera with more features. I'm not really much of a pro photographer nor do often spend a lot of time taking pictures, but I'd want to experiment...
  16. Viggen

    FREE Frosty at Wendy's

    Wendy's gives thanks to customers by offering one free Jr. Frosty per customer after the severed finger in the chili bowl incident. Promotion runs from today (Fri. May 13th) through this Sunday.
  17. Viggen

    Audi A3 (US-spec model)

    The local Audi dealer in my town recently recieved a couple of new A3 five-door hatchbacks and I went to check them out. Their demo car is an entry-level model with almost no options, 2.0 FSI, six-speed manual, FWD. MSRP US$25,460. The other car wasn't ready as it still had its protective...
  18. Viggen

    Saab to release spiritual successor of the 900 Turbo

    I hope so! This is promising news. A back-to-roots model Saab desparately needed.
  19. Viggen

    Idiot news of the day: Teen faked BMW theft to buy a Bentley

    Caught this on the local news today. All I could say is... :wall: Mind you: US$42,000 M3 vs. $160,000+ Bentley
  20. Viggen

    MG Rover

    Rest In Peace.