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  1. Raheel

    Travelling Around Ireland

    I have finally started my own Travels Channel and will be starting by videoing Ireland. I'm still learning and will improve along the way (So don't be too harsh on me :p) I made my first video at the home town using a GoPro Hero 6... feel free to have a look. Some of you might have heard of...
  2. Raheel

    Any of you here professional racers??

    So 10 years later I resurface to good old FinalGear, a lot has changed in the past decade, having joined with a passion for cars and anything to go with it, being an active member, I had quite a few dreams, one of which was always to be involved in Motorsports, so I did what I thought was the...
  3. Raheel

    June Photoshop Exercise

    Ladies and Gents, The following image will be used for this months photoshop exercise: Deadline will be 26th of June..
  4. Raheel

    RESULTS for MAY II Exercise

    Thanks to all that voted, and those who participated. Below are the entries with the names of their choppers: Chop 1 - CraigB Chop 2 - darkshark0159 Chop 3 - maxtortheone Chop 4 - Richmondgal Chop 5 - Red_Bull Chop 6 - salguod Chop 7 - vikiradTG2007 Chop 8 - SmallGuy Chop 9 -...
  5. Raheel

    Photoshop Exercise II May

    For the second exercise of May, Ref_Bull has selected the following car.. Try to get the chops in by the 31st of May.
  6. Raheel

    May Exercise RESULTS

    These are the entries with their respective users: Chop 1 - ALXBWSCREW Chop 2 - CraigB Chop 3 - Red_Bull Chop 4 - THGL Chop 5 - Raheel Chop 6 - dj.TAKA Chop 7 - vikiradTG2007 Chop 8 - salguod Chop 9 - darkshark0159 Chop 10 - Richmondgal Chop 11 - Aston Martin Chop 12 - topgearfanatic...
  7. Raheel

    May Photoshop Contest

    Dear all, This is the car to be edited for this month's contest. The deadline will be the 10th of May.
  8. Raheel

    April 2009 RESULTS

    Below are the entries with their respective creators: Image 1 - Lit43089 Image 2 - salguod Image 3 - THGL Image 4 - sifu Image 5 - Aston Martin Image 6 - Small Guy Image 7 - vikiradTG2007 Image 8 - matt2000 Image 9 - darkshark0159 Image 10 - maxtortheone Image 11 - ALXBWSCREW Image...
  9. Raheel

    Photoshop 2009 League

    Hi all.... I thought maybe having a league will motivate you guys into getting better at Photoshop and do even greater chops.. The league will comprise of 6 contests, three of which have already been done. And the point system as follows: 1st 12 Pts 2nd 10 Pts 3rd 8 Pts 4th 6 Pts 5th 5...
  10. Raheel

    April 2009 Contest

    And for the first time, we have a van to edit!!! Happy chopping.. Deadline April 20th, ( A Month is too long imo...) If you guys disagree, lemme know.. I will postpone the date!
  11. Raheel


    And now for the results. Below are the entries with their users. Original Image Chop 1 - CraigB Chop 2 - PaperBiro Chop 3 - watisdis Chop 4 - Smurfen Chop 5 - matt2000 Chop 6 - salguod Chop 7 - sifu Chop 8 - vikiradTG2007 Chop 9 - dj.TAKA Chop 10 -yeeha Chop 11 -...
  12. Raheel

    March 2009 Exercise

    And once again, New month, new exercise.... Here we go! Hope we break our record of 20 for entries this time! Happy Chopping!
  13. Raheel

    February Exercise RESULTS

    Hi all, finally results time... And btw, sorry for keeping you guys waiting, was busy designing Uprights for my formula Student car till now! The image edited was: The entries are below with names of their editors: Chop 1 - Archie411 Chop 2 - dj.TAKA Chop 3 - vikiradTG2007 Chop 4 -...
  14. Raheel

    FEBRUARY 2009 Exercise

    Hi fellas, Hope we have an even bigger turnout this time round, and people strive to do better. The car chosen by salguod is this jag. Good luck everyone and happy choppping. The Deadline is 27th of February....
  15. Raheel

    January 2009 RESULTS

    Hi, As you notice, the thread has been edited and is now the Results... THe Images will now have the names of the people above them so you know who did what...And sorry for the delay in posting... The image edited was: And here are the entries with their choppers: Entry Number 1 - Heyl...
  16. Raheel

    January 2009 Exercise

    After a great response from members, I have started the chops again, this should liven up the long dead section :D The image selected for the first exercise of 2009 is James May's favourite :lol: : CLICK HERE FOR 1600X1200 IMAGE Deadline for submissions is 28th of January 2009. Email your...
  17. Raheel

    Monthly Photoshop Exercise anyone?

    Hi fellow photoshoppers... As some of you elder folks will remember, or if you go to the last pages of threads in this section, you will find that once upon a time we used to run photoshop exercises twice every month. but then people lost interest and we had to dump the idea... I just...
  18. Raheel

    NEW PC Serious Problems!

    Hi guys, I am totally frustrated at this point now. I have built a brand new system, hardly been two days. The specs are as follows: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @2.66 GHz MSI P45D3 Platinum Motherboard 4 x OCZ PC3-10666 RAM chips nVidia 9800 GX2 1x SATA DVD RW 1x IDE HDD Hitachi 250 GB. The...
  19. Raheel

    Help me find this song...

    Hi all, Please let me know the name of the song being played in the video. The Venue was london eye... The date 31 December 2007.. The time approximately 2355.. The the dude kept on talking about radio one... so i presume it was from them. heres the video...
  20. Raheel

    Help with Logitech G25

    Hi all, Recently after trying many racing games on PC, I have come to the conclusion that LFS suits best.... what my problem is that I am not really able to set up my Logitech steering properly. All pedals (clutch, brake & throttle) are fine. All I need fixed is changing the rotation degrees...