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  1. Boobo-oobo

    Ownership Verified: e46 330xd Touring

    Hewwo. Bought a family car, project car and a daily driver, all in one :D Its a 2004. e46 330xd. It came recommend through a friend, it was previously owned by his boss, who owns a repair shop. So my friend worked on the car regularly, and knows much of the history of the car and what has been...
  2. Boobo-oobo

    No 56k: MX-Open Motocross European Championship - Zabok Croatia

    Hello. I just wanted to share some pics from sunday. Had a great time shooting, first time I saw shot some motocross, but I think I got some cool shots. The drivers were going all out, track was perfect and the crowd was wild :D 20160410_EP_MX_Moto_Zabok025 by Fuel Hunters, on Flickr...
  3. Boobo-oobo

    Croatian Drift Challenge 2014 - Finale

    Took the 6D for a proper shoot :D Whole day of shooting, about 300 keepers in the end. Sorted them in 3 sets, so for those who wanna check all of them, please visit : Set01, Set02, Set03.
  4. Boobo-oobo

    Zip-line, Omi? Croatia

    Great experience, great people, awesome times. Just wanted to share the pics with you . . . Full set, 200+ photos HERE
  5. Boobo-oobo

    Refurbishing steelies&hubcaps

    I have a set of 15" steel wheel and a hubcaps from my old w124 that i want to refurbish. Disassembled the hubcaps, Im gonna repaint them when I sand them down, but I don't know what to do with the chromed parts (I guess they're chrome). Re-chrome them, paint them too? They look to be...
  6. Boobo-oobo

    Place to stay in San Francisco

    Hello. I'm trying to help a friend who is going to SF in about a month. He's looking for the cheapest place to stay there for 2 weeks. I know that Google helps, but i would like some first hand info. from someone in that area or from someone who's been there for a similar duration. The best...
  7. Boobo-oobo

    The Official Snow Thread 2012/13

    No snow threads on FG? Here's one . . . Post your place covered in snow. Lets see it. Todays Croatia forecast : SNOW, and lots of it. :D
  8. Boobo-oobo

    No 56k: Want to make a car rig? Here's my story . . .

    Hope you wont mind this Loooooooong post . . . I wanted to do a write up on all of mine experience with rigs and stuff around them in hope someone finds this helpful. I did all of this as a hobby, and the fact that I love making stuff. So here goes nothin' : First rig i made was back in 2010...
  9. Boobo-oobo

    Croatia meet: Any interest?

    Ice and me were talking about his, and I just wanna see now if anyone would actually show up. We counted like 5-6 FG members that are "close" to Zagreb, but if someone wants to show up from anywhere in the world, please do :P. The meet would be at my place, i have plenty of space, we can make...
  10. Boobo-oobo

    Mathematical model for predicting baseball outcome

    My friend, who loves baseball and programing, decided to make a program, mathematical model, that would predict the outcomes of games. I'm just here to spread the word, maybe some here would be interested in this and have some use for it or you can help him out by giving him some feedback on all...
  11. Boobo-oobo

    Anyone from Japan? Need a favor

    I want to buy something from a Japanese site store, but I'm kinda stuck. Google translate isn't helping much so I'm not ever sure that they deliver to my country. So i need someone from Japan to help me a bit. Please PM me if you want to help.
  12. Boobo-oobo

    Ownership Verified: w210 - Silver arrow

    Hello, so here is my vehicle. It's a 2000 Mercedes-Benz w210 220CDI. Its still holding up quite good, there are a few problems with it, but hey, still runs :D. I got it from my dad, he bought a new(ish) car, a w211, so I got this one. First the proof : One of the bigger problems that...
  13. Boobo-oobo

    Microsoft Releases Code Pack to View Raw Files

    The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC). Installing this package will allow supported RAW camera files to be viewable in Windows...
  14. Boobo-oobo

    Croatian Drift Challenge 2010

    This sunday 03.05.2010. If you're in the area, stop by . . . :D Drivers/Cars : 01. Goran ?orak - BMW E30 M3 4.4 V8 - CRO 02. Ton?i Laura - jeBMW E30 325i team CMG - CRO 03. Dario Skoko - BMW E30 328i ream Burn - CRO 04. Kristijan Murgi? - BMW e28 535i - CRO 05. Marko Brklja?i? - BMW E36...
  15. Boobo-oobo

    Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 Advanced - FREE, hurry HURRY UP, only 3h left, you get a lifetime licence, free.