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  1. laxmax613

    [2x07] It's a gas, gas, gas

    This was the best episode of the season for me. The Lamborghini review that started the episode off was just a classic supercar review. It was great to se it out there, to hear about what made it different from the regular Huracan, and I'm glad it really did end up being quick around the...
  2. laxmax613

    [23x02] June 5th, 2016

    First time I'm even posting here, but here goes: Mulatu Astake - Yegelle Tezeta at 22:36. I thought that was very cool. Love that tune.
  3. laxmax613

    Unveiled: The Teslerr Model 3

    Because we need somewhere to put whatever feelings we might have toward this car, the way it was released, and its impact on the market (and on tesla's future) Not totally finished $35k base model 215 Mile base range all specs 0-60 in less than six seconds "autopilot" feature...
  4. laxmax613

    Minor Modifications

    Imagine you were working in project management for the auto maker of your choice. You are asked what should be done to a current product or platform of your choice to make it the best it could be using the available corporate parts bin. What would you put together? Why would this combination...
  5. laxmax613

    AM DB11 (Wait! Less added Mercedes than we thought!)

    The DB11 is a long time coming, with Aston Martin's VH architecture getting pretty long in the tooth. We don't have to wait too long though, because apparently AM is already leaking images of the new successor to the DB9 and DBS. 5.2l twin-turbo V12 inside. Behold: Jalopnik says we're...
  6. laxmax613

    Japanese Special Editions/Limit Production Specs

    We've talked about Japanese special edition models a lot here, whether they're the Pike Factory Nissans or those really wacky Toyota youth-oriented models (the JDM ones, not Scion). I think they're a fun part of Japanese car culture that doesn't exist to the same degree anywhere else. So...
  7. laxmax613

    Road conditions around you

    As I walked to class today through puddles of slush and patches of black ice, over temporary steel plates over ditches and around growing snow banks, I was thinking about how poorly the NYC DOT and dept. of sanitation were doing maintaining the roads during a storm. That got me wondering how...
  8. laxmax613

    Autoblog: Ariel Nomad Revealed

    This thing is sick. I can't wait to see what it can do. I imagine that this will do pretty well, particularly in the gulf but also in the states as well.
  9. laxmax613

    Hyundai H350 (Ford Transit/Merc Sprinter Competitor) I wonder if this will make it to us, and whether it'll be a real competitor. It looks kinda half-baked to me,and the front is very cheap looking, but I'll stay optimistic.
  10. laxmax613

    Concept: Aston Martin shows the first render of its forthcoming Lagonda sedan

    Looks like it's gonna be pretty, and pretty rare to boot. I'm really liking what I see so far, especially that pronounced upright C-pillar and the tight rear end. Hopefully for us more pics will be out soon and we'll have some more details about power and specs.
  11. laxmax613

    Volvo creates a new standard of beauty with Shooting Brake Concept for Geneva

    I have no words for how beautiful this machine is. It's a brown. station. wagon. And it's immensely gorgeous. Good lord. They need to build this. Immediately. I want it to have my children, for both safety and sensual reasons.[/FONT]
  12. laxmax613

    License Plates

    There is quite a degree of variation in license plate policy and design around the world. Plates vary in size, shape, design and placement, from rear-only vanity plates in some US states to plates of different material and shape in the UK to highly standardized German plates. Living in the US...
  13. laxmax613

    Rolls Royce Wraith unveiled at Geneva

    According to Jalopnik, this thing has a V12 pumping out more than 600 HP and 590 lb-ft and it costs abut $323,000. 0-60 in 4.4 sec too. More interestingly, the gearbox is purported to be an 8-speed from ZF that utilizes GPS data to smoothen out gear changes. There are dead cows and trees...
  14. laxmax613

    Ford Atlas Concept (The next F-150 by any other name)

    I'm excited to see what this ends up bringing. It seems like Ford really has this market cornered in terms of features. The ecoboost engine was a game-changer when they dropped it in to the F-150 a few years ago, and milage seems to be the name of the game once again with the aero tweaks. The...
  15. laxmax613

    Near-bankrupt Gumpert repents for the Apollo with the new Tornante

    There's a whiff of vaporware here but I'm just happy they decided that aerodynamics and downforce weren't the only way to shape a car. This looks great, particularly the rear.
  16. laxmax613

    Marchionne is killing Lancia

    I'm pretty torn up about this. While I never really appreciated Lancia before the Top Gear special, it really sank in then how sad it had become and how far it had fallen. This is a a really sad day for the car industry, but it might benecessary for the survival of Fiat as a whole.
  17. laxmax613

    Ford to end Australian manufacturing in 2016 Terrible, terrible news. I hope to god it's not true.[/COLOR] [/FONT]
  18. laxmax613

    Renting SIM cards abroad

    I'm going to Russia next week for two weeks. I'd like to be able to use my cell phone there for calls, texts and data. What's a way to do this and not go broke? I tried to find a SIM rental company but data rates are something like $.25 for 10 kb. That's a racket.
  19. laxmax613

    Unveiled: Audi SQ5 released with 313 HP twin turbodiesel

    Diesel performance models are here in a bog way. I'm excited to see where else Audi goes with this because they have some really great diesels at their disposal.