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  1. That American Girl

    Timing off on an 06 Aveo

    Hey fellas...I knew I could come here for an answer...a buddy of mine has an 06 Chevy Aveo that he just replaced the timing belt on, but something went wrong. Here is what he sent me: "Hey Tina, I am in deep shit right now and need help. I replaced the timing belt on the car and I was positive...
  2. That American Girl

    1990 Volvo 740 GLE purchase

    Hey all, long time no see! I need some advice on a car I'm thinking of buying for my son... A friend is selling their 1990 Volvo 740 GLE. Since I'm a friend, he says he'll sell it for $700. It has 215,000 miles on it and only one small dent on the passenger side door. Don't see any rust, and...
  3. That American Girl

    AutoTrader Survey

    Hello all, I need some help/feedback from you all. I work with AutoTrader at my Volvo dealership and I'm trying to find ways to make it better. So, have any of you used AutoTrader to sell a car? If not, would you be willing in the future to use the "Instant Offer" to sell one? If you've sold...
  4. That American Girl

    Jules Bianchi has passed... So sad for his family. Dude was just a kid really. :(
  5. That American Girl

    James May quote

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a blurb from James in one of the Top Gear news segments. I think it was on a Mercedes when they were laughing about color choices. James held up a brochure and said: "It comes in black, silver, silver or black!" What eppy was this? I've been looking through al my...
  6. That American Girl

    Now's the time to get a cheap F1 car from Caterham! and Looks like Caterham just had all their stuff seized. So...will they be at Suzuka this...
  7. That American Girl

    Michael Schumacher in critical condition after head trauma Shame.... But here's to hoping he gets better.
  8. That American Girl

    C-Max vs the Renault Laguna

    Hello guys, trying to help someone decide between 2 cars in his area. He wants to buy in the Yarmouth area in the UK and has a budget of less than 2000 pounds. After searching for just a few minutes, I found these...
  9. That American Girl

    Programming new key for 98 Taurus

    Has anyone here ever programmed their own keys in a car? I lost the keys somehow to my Taurus..and the prices I'm getting quoted are anywhere from $225 all the way up to $300! I know I can get a blank key online for less than $20, so...what is involved in programming a key for my car? Or is...
  10. That American Girl

    Calling all animal lovers

    Okay, I have caught the Eater Bunny. In all seriousness, my son found it in the street. It's holding it's head up weird, but it's eating and drinking water, making pellets. I'm thinking it might have been attacked by a cat or a dog, or maybe just clipped by a car. I didn't know...
  11. That American Girl

    2013 Lamborghini Veneno :mrgreen:
  12. That American Girl

    Ownership Verified: My 'new' Mustang

    I finally went and got a replacement for the Taurus. While I'm still keeping the silver behemoth, I do love my new shiny car: It's a 2000 Mustang, the entry version I believe, but it's only got 92,000 miles on it. Not too shabby. :-)
  13. That American Girl

    Thoughts on the 2010 Ford Fusion SE?

    I'm finally taking the plunge into replacing my dear,beloved, ailing and rather rusted out Taurus. I'm headed out today at 4 to go see this: It's a 2010 Ford Fusion SE. Price looks to be okay for the mileage listed, but has...
  14. That American Girl

    2nd gear in snow...O/D on, or off?

    Got a question about my car. Today we got a bunch of snow (4 freaking whole inches!:P) and of course the city didn't plow or salt. I know to use 2nd gear on my automatic when starting out and for braking to help reduce sliding around, but my car also has Overdrive. The Overdrive is normally...
  15. That American Girl

    Digital Media Player

    Didn't see a thread on anything like this so here goes: I want to hook this up to my HD TV so I can stream all the stuff from my portable hard drive to my...
  16. That American Girl

    Bad alternator/starter/battery?

    Okay, the saga with my Taurus continues. A few weeks ago, it sputtered and died while driving it. As I was driving it, I noticed the inside lights and the driving lights getting dimmer and dimmer as I was driving. Then...nothing. Jumped the car and it started. Next day, the same thing..and...
  17. That American Girl

    Asking for Donations

    As many of you know, my mother passed away very quickly on Thursday from cancer. The insurance policy she had has left us a bit short on her funeral costs. We seem to be short around $1000 at last sorting out. Found a few bits she had stashed around the house that helped. :-) So, I'm asking...
  18. That American Girl

    My mother has cancer

    On Tuesday, we rushed my mother to the ER by an ambulance because she had fallen in the kitchen...again. She has been feeling nauseous and dizzy for over a month, and could barely walk a straight line. We had thought she had had a stroke, but she had refused to go to the doctor, and yes, she...
  19. That American Girl

    My 98 Taurus

    I thought I had already posted mine, but here it is. And for the proof: (like I'd lie about owning a Taurus:P) Ignore the obviously wrong color on the panel. I bought the wrong color, and will be re-painting it in a few days when it warms up again. :cool:
  20. That American Girl

    Fantasty Guest you Wish could be on Top Gear

    Don't think this is a duplicate thread so here goes: While we do have a thread on "Who'd you like to see as a guest in the upcoming series" thread, I got to wondering. If you could take any person from the past or present...dead, alive...or even fictional...who would it be? And why? For some...