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  1. AMDX1325

    Let's start a game: Guess Car by Dashboard!

    Challenge 1: Ya'll can add new challenges too and we'll keep this train rolling.
  2. AMDX1325

    Thoughts about the unaired season four episodes...

    I really think Channel Nine ended the show prematurely, I just finished watching the unaired episodes and they were great. The thing with TGAus is that it keeps getting better, sadly privately owned networks are unwilling to give it time to mature. I've also grown to like the TGAus presenters...
  3. AMDX1325

    What's the emission control difference between EU and USA?

    Is the american DOT standard more strict or loose than its european counterparts in regards to engine size, safety and emissions? I often hear european cars when imported or marketed in the north america must go through some design and safety changes, what are those changes of exactly? Been...
  4. AMDX1325

    How do you become a professional racing driver?

    Since I'm so fond of driving and cars. I think I want to start some training and become a racing driver. It takes lots of dedication and resource, but I want to find out what are some of the steps. I know in UK there are racing driver license, is there such thing here in the US? and Would a...