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  1. Cobol74

    Julian Assange: UK 'threat' to arrest Wikileaks founder (Storm Embassy?)

    Ecuador has accused the UK of making a "threat" to enter its embassy in London to arrest Wikileaks' Julian Assange. Mr Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over assault and rape claims, which he denies...
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    TV: Where's me keys where's me phone. ...

    Cobol74 recommends (From Britons Got Talent):
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    News: BBC Can Clarkson's SatNav (GPS) deal - conflict of interest

    BBC boss sank Clarkson satnav deal (UKPA) ? 53 minutes ago The decision to reverse Jeremy Clarkson's deal to record a voiceover for a Top Gear satnav went to the very top of the BBC when director-general Mark Thompson "intervened", according to a new report. The plan, which breached editorial...
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    Random Thoughts - Table football

    Table football, how does that work then? I'd keep falling off the table if I played.
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    Sir Jackie Stewart taken ill with 'Chest Pains'

    Former Formula 1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has been taken to hospital after falling ill on a London-bound flight from Geneva. The 71-year-old Scot was given first aid by air stewardesses after complaining of chest pains. Paramedics met Stewart at London Heathrow airport and he is now...
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    Royal Wedding: Who should Prince William and Kate Middleton NOT invite to the Wedding

    1. Sepp Blatter - obviously - come on do you need to ask? 2. Jerry Adams - 'Nice Man' but probably does not know which knife and fork to use 3. Lady Gaga - may turn up in a meat dress - and it may be a hot day - oooh the flies. 4. Maradonna - he may 'hand ball' the Duke of Edinburgh. ... and...
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    Top Gear Live - 16:00hrs Earles Court 2009

    Heads up chaps - I have just seen this. ... :smile: Anyone know anything about it? See Image following
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    Iran Election Results

    Woa! What is going on in Iran (Any Iranian members care to post?)? Seems like Aveadinnerjacket has got back in but it could be by dishonest means? If this is the case and there is some protesting it would appear that the government is about to pounce on the protesters...
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    Cobol74's Florida Holiday Report

    Part 1: The Holiday is planned. ... Right, Mrs sees a great deal on the Thomas Cook web site for a trip to Florida in May 2008 for Feb 2009. Checks the USD to GBP conversion 1.97 to 1 - woot this is going to be great. The holiday is booked and the deposit is paid. My Daughters and myself...
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    Off to Florida - need some help please

    OK chaps/Ladies Off to Florida on Sunday, some of my issues! 1. Help, never driven a left hooker is there anything I should know especially? No roundabouts for instance, you've got 4 way stops I think what is the procedure - plan A is let everyone go first, but I am sure that is not correct...
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    Monty Python goes HQ Youutube. ....

    My favourite bit / sketch is : Life of Brian - "No he's not he's a very naughty boy." What is yours. .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good news for Monty Python Fans? OGqX-tkDXEk I hope that this is not UK only. ...
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    Welcome to America. Now go away.

    I find this a little odd, of course if you are American it will not affect you but everyone else should read if they are thinking of travelling to the USA. What do you all think?
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    OK, as last year: who will win? Oh anyone know how Dustin got on I missed his semi-final? /EDIT - OK found it - bum I think that he was fun at least. ... Ireland Dustin the Turkey represented Ireland with a controversial performance that garnered some boos from the crowd. The comedy...
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    Charlie Boorman - new expedition

    4Ny-QoSD1Y8 Ireland to Australia. ... Go Charlie - BBC and National Geographic 15th April.
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    New for 2008 - Ford release new 'Kinetic' Focus

    Ford not standing on their laurels with the new 2008 Focus but have improved even their current class leading car. Nice car, just got better. Full article:
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    That was the Year that Was

    Hopefully some of you are interested in some of the news stories that have been out there this year in the UK: (warning : non funny content) 1. Canoe man. ... A cardinal rule in police work is that the simplest explanation is often the correct one. But that maxim has been obliterated in the...
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    15 days in gaol for giving teddy the wrong name!

    Teddy bears picknic - not. Well times change - did not get stoned at least. R_hlMK7tCks
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    BBC 4 TV programme ATOM, get it if you can seriously

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    Clarkson - hit amoungst the Polish

    Story from the Times, I just wondered why the Polish in particular?
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    BBC apologises over Queen clips

    BBC apologises over Queen clips : Well I do not know of any other country that would do thier to their head of state. Now if the BBC is afflicted by the pink agenda - anti-royalism being one of them then you may as well indulge a load of lying...