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  1. DaShowstoppa

    How to succeed Top Gear. Format ideas, presenters etc. (Assuming BBC wants to)

    Lots of inevitable discussion in Jeremy's suspension thread about the future of Top Gear, it's team and what (if anything) the BBC could do next. So I thought we should have a place to propose ideas, just for fun to see what we all would like to see, in terms of format and presenters etc...
  2. DaShowstoppa

    My little girl's First Birthday today

    Yep, one year ago as I write this, all hell was breaking loose at Frimley Park Hospital as we found out our little girl would need some help in coming into the world (i.e we had to go in and get the lazy sod) My wife was off her face on entonox, and I was just psyched up with more adrenaline...
  3. DaShowstoppa

    Things you've always wanted since childhood (and possibly still do) but never got.

    My Wife Liz asked me this a few weeks ago - it has been a family joke that she never got a "Big Yellow Teapot" as a child. I don't think she still wants one though. The object in question for me however, is a little different. As a Junior School child at the end of the 80's and early 90's the...
  4. DaShowstoppa

    I'm now a Daddy!!

    I'm back!! I haven't been on here in two years! (Although I'm very much still an avid TG fan) So what's changed? Well I'm now 30 (Grr) still happily married to my lovely Liz and I've changed my car to a 2004 Hyundai Coupe. Oh and in December .... I'M GONNA BE A DADDY!! :cool: Update -...
  5. DaShowstoppa

    Are the DAVE TG episodes the US versions?

    My wife and I were watching the "Britcar 24hr" episode on DAVE yesterday and we noticed the music is different - also the tracks listed in the "TG what';s that song forum" often don't match. So are the DAVE versions the same ones broadcast in the US?
  6. DaShowstoppa

    BBC advert: Hammond May and Clarkson.

    Dunno if anyone has seen it, but the BBC have a new advert for their streaming media on demand service featuring Mr Clarkson Mr May and Mr Hammond discussing nearly being killed in Alabama. It's quite funny.
  7. DaShowstoppa

    Dunsfold - A pilgrimage

    Yep, yesterday my Wife and I drove to the TG mecca (no not the Stelvio pass) but Dunsfold! First off, even with maps, Dunsfold is difficult to find - then once you're there the aerodrome is even harder to find. Then when you do get there, you see big blue gates with "no photography" emblazoned...
  8. DaShowstoppa

    Best futuristic movie cars

    Just saw I Robot again, and Detective Spooner's Audi is awesome, so I just wondered which do you think is the coolest "futuristic/concept" movie car in cinema?
  9. DaShowstoppa

    RC Knight Rider car!

    CHECK THIS!! Brilliant site BTW8)
  10. DaShowstoppa

    Worst looking cars in F1 history

    Seeing as there's a "most beautiful F1 car thread" they say for every action there's an equal and opposing reaction so I give to you .... The "worst looking cars in F1 history" thread :mrgreen: There have been some really bad ones, you must have examples you particularly hate. Heres one for a...
  11. DaShowstoppa

    Ayrton Senna and other past greats.

    As you may know, I'm something of a fan of Ayrton Senna. But I must confess that it hasn't always been the case. Growing up in the 1980's I was too young to really appreciate the drivers - other than they drove nice cars fast (I was born in 1980 - so was a toddler when Senna stormed the rain...
  12. DaShowstoppa

    Bruno Senna?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me who Bruno Senna races for these days, I was surprised he wasn't in A1 Team Brazil. Is he in GP2?
  13. DaShowstoppa

    Timo Glock ready for Toyota,19528,12433_2931900,00.html
  14. DaShowstoppa

    Best looking dash - display.

    Hi y'all. I've been looking at a few cars recently and I found myself looking at the instrument panels and dashboards as a major part of my inspection of a certain model. I mean in a car you do spend a lot of time facing the dash. So I wondered, in your opinions what car has the best looking...
  15. DaShowstoppa

    Does anyone have the video of Michael Schmacher returning to Karting in Brazil?

    This weekend there was a karting tournament in Brazil with a lot of pro drivers from F1 (Barrichello, Massa etc. And Michael Schumacher was there too. Does anyone have a link to videos? Thanks.
  16. DaShowstoppa

    Anyone read Clarkson's books?

    I'm just reading Jeremy Clarkson's book "and another thing" and having read several of them I urge everyone to do likewise - his wit and social commentary is amazing. Although the Americans among you may sometimes get a bit upset with some of his digs. I think he is an excellent writer.
  17. DaShowstoppa

    MPH Yesterday - Awesome!

    As you may know my wife and I were at Earls Court in London to see the MPH07 show featuring TG's Hammond May and Clarkson. Well we went and it was fantastic. I got an "I am the stig" T-shirt, sat in a Jaguar XKR convertable (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and the live show was both funny and spectacular. I...
  18. DaShowstoppa

    Anyone going to MPH next week?

    Me and my wife Liz are off to Earls Court next Saturday to see the latest cars and automotive bits n bobs - plus it's hosted by the Hamster, Captain Slow and Jezza 8) Anyone else going? And yes I know it's "MPH" should have checked before I posted it. Now I can't change the damn title.
  19. DaShowstoppa

    I'm looking for Top Gear mp3 files (quotes)

    Hi, I'd love to have some Top Gear quotes on my mobile and PC. I'd like to know if there's anyone who has some or a link or something. I don't have a TV capture card etc so I can't rip them myself. Cheers. 8)
  20. DaShowstoppa

    Anyone have MP3 files of TG Quotes?

    I've noticed the TG quotes forum, but most of the quotes are typed. I wondered if anyone had any links or indeed could post any MP3 files of the quotes, as I'd like to use them for event sounds on my phone/computer etc. Cheers. Mike