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  1. Wan60

    Dualshock 4 on PS3

    So, my controller is busted and now I'm planning to get a Dualshock 4 because it's damn nice to me. And after a few sites, I now know it could be paired with the PS3 wirelessly albeit without rumble and home function. I have a backup Dualshock 3 but I want to maximize the use of the DS4. My...
  2. Wan60

    Wheels for my PS3

    I was wondering and contemplating on getting a steering wheel to play GT6 on the console with but as a student I haven't much of a budget to spill, so the most I would go with would be a DFGT. But then I found a Thrustmaster T60 which is quite cheap for my standards, then I found a Thrustmaster...
  3. Wan60

    Traction control on old BMWs

    Do the old BMWs have traction control activated or is there a threshold of slip before they engage? Because A few weeks past, I drove the E36 and I slid the rear wheels while cornering into a lane. Fortunately enough just a slight countersteer got me under control, And my E34 always had some...
  4. Wan60

    What to expect?

    I have this question bugging my mind, what would I have to expect when owning an E28 5 Series? I'm eyeing one that's well-maintained by the previous owner, car's engine was just overhauled.
  5. Wan60

    BMW E36 fuel smell

    The car in question is a BMW E36 328i, which is my dad's but I often borrow his car for my personal ferrying not more than 30kms per trip. The problem is sometimes when I start the engine, there's this whiff of petrol in the air(as if there was a broken fuel line?). The pungent smell is strong...
  6. Wan60

    PS3 Error

    I'm trying to update my Gran Turismo 6, but an error pops up halfway 20%. The error sounds like this: Any help is appreciated.
  7. Wan60

    BMW or Alpina

    BMW makes masterful pieces of engineering such as the new BMW F10 M5, and the other M cars. The normal counterparts of the M cars fare well also. And Alpina on the other hand, tunes the engines and changes details on the dash a bit. Makes it look more of a 'gentleman's ride'. Such as the B5...
  8. Wan60

    What car is this?

    This is the only picture I have. I have no other information on this vehicle so based only on this pic, what car is this?
  9. Wan60

    PlayStation 3 YLOD fix help

    So, my friend's PS3 decided to die yesterday. Do you guys, and girls, have any suggestion, links, guides, tips, anything that could help him?
  10. Wan60

    CSR Racing

    Anybody here plays CSR Racing? I know it's not a fully-fledged game but it's good at killing time (and stealing time of my study schedule).
  11. Wan60

    What episode is this from?

    I read a passage from Wikipedia which quotes Which episode is that on?
  12. Wan60

    How to gearshift perfectly

    Hello guys,as you may know I'm new here as well as to the driving world. I've just obtained my license around April and still practicing my driving skills and techniques. I mainly drive stick though I do occasionally borrow my parents' car which has an auto gearbox. My question is, how do you...