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  1. eLIX

    R8.8 Biocat Catamaran

    Not sure if it's the correct category for this one but here goes: (from Bo Zolland of Design ordered from a Dubai race boat company. Will use one V10 diesel or 2 regular V-8s and will be run on bio fuel for the diesel. Boat is 8.8 meters and expected speeds are in the 100-110 MPH...
  2. eLIX

    Bugatti Veyron Pegaso Edition

    Owned by some Russian guy that lives in Dubai. Rumours say it has 1200hp More pictures here: And here a little info:
  3. eLIX

    BMW 7 AC Schnitzer

    Hi, a bmw car dealer in my town sells a second hand BMW 7 Series. At first I tought it was an AC Schnitzer. Because of the rims and the V8 badges on the side. But when I took a closer a look it were M rims and on the back was the badge 350i or something and the exhaust was from Remus. So I...
  4. eLIX

    Brainiac Richard Hammond

    Hah! I've just run into one of these movies of Brainiac. Never heard of it and turns out to be Hammond. Just search for brainiac on YouTube and you'll find many more!
  5. eLIX

    Belgian cyclist crashes Lambo

    A Belgian pro cyclist, Tom Boonen, has crashed his new yellow Lamborghini Murcielago. He drove into a ditch because he had to avoid a cat (well at least that's what he said) Pictures: God I like to punch that guy in the face for that :cry: Guess he should stayed on his bicycle
  6. eLIX

    LAN monitoring tool

    Hi, I'm searching for a free home lan monitor tool so I can see the download and upload of each user connected to the network. Any ideas?
  7. eLIX

    Best Jeremy Clarkson Video

    In order of this I'll start this poll. It's a poll to find out wich movies of JC are good. So I'll just put the ones I could find a .torrent of in the poll. If there any others you like more then these, let us know! PS: Multiple choices are possible
  8. eLIX

    My birthday present

    Look what I got for my birthday from my girlfriend, a drive in her dad's car: :D God, that's a lovely car to drive! I want one so bad now :(
  9. eLIX

    Guess that car game (by interior)

    I just came up with this idea. Don't know if you will like it or not. Anyway it's the same game as "Guess that car game" but now by only showing the interior. I'll start off with an easy one:
  10. eLIX

    Test Drive Unlimited

    New gaming coming soon! Didn't found any topic related to this game so here it is. Newest screenshots: Official Site: Damn I need the game! :D
  11. eLIX

    New Ferrari?

    I found this ferrari on the internet. Is this a real one or not? It sure looks nice!
  12. eLIX

    Top Gear 1994 - 2002

    Hi, i was just wondering... Where are the Top Gear episodes from 1994 till 2002? Weren't there any shows then or haven't anyone just ripped those?