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  1. db2450

    What media player should I get?

    I know there are other threads, but they are starting to get outdated. Most importantly, I would like to keep the price near or below $250. So far, I have been looking at the 32GB ZuneHD, but I was hoping to have a larger variety of choices and I know that there are a decent number of...
  2. db2450

    Problems Uploading Files

    So, this problem started/I noticed it after the first Top Gear of this series. On the hosting sites I used to use, I get the same/very similar errors while uploading files. First off, I normally get about 11.5Mbps down and 1.3Mbps up on (I can post an image later - right now, I am...
  3. db2450

    9800GT 512MB for $100 - Whats the catch? I dont understand how a deal could be that good and the original price is only $130 also.
  4. db2450

    Ferrari Challenge
  5. db2450

    Is there a US Version of TG Magazine?

    I know in India there is a version of TG Magazine just for India. I checked on the TG site and there the US import is 85 pounds or about $167 for 13 issues and the Indian import is 92 pounds or about $181 for 13 issues. The version for India is 60 rupees or about $2 per issue. 13 issues bought...
  6. db2450

    Another, another "Help me decide" thread - External Hard Drive

    I am looking to get an external hard drive for my videos, music, and photos so I can get them to my PS3 without having to buy a 250 gig laptop hard drive :? I don't want to go to far above $100, parents are paying... I am mainly looking at this one...