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  1. janstett

    Discovery Channel?

    I'm very sporadic with my Fifth Gear viewership so I'm currently lapsed and a few series behind, but what's this about Tiff tweeting something about Discovery Channel in July? Has Fifth Gear jumped ship to the Discovery Channel? Yet another format change?
  2. janstett

    So they forgave Ben Collins?

    Glad to see him, unmasked, on the last episode helping the disabled vets. Is all forgiven? Is he still on Fifth Gear? Also, I guess Hammond's intro probably confirms that Ben was the "man with the digital face" in the Polar episode...
  3. janstett

    What's Clarkson's DVD this year?

    Time for the annual Clarkson DVD, any news yet?
  4. janstett

    Missing material from the S13 preview montage (ZR1 vs R8, etc.)

    In S13 E01 they showed the montage clip of what was coming in this series. But a few clips never made the show. ZR-1 vs. R8 -- I would have loved to see that and see if the ZR-1 lived up to Clarkson's criticisms of the Z06. Richard is shown crashing a truck/lorry with the cargo box...
  5. janstett

    GM/Chrysler about to become a hollywood remake of British Leyland

    Bigger stars. Bigger budget. Bigger explosions. My worst fears about the US car industry are coming true. I've always feared the US car industry would follow the example of the British car industry, and it's happening. Only bigger and worse. Banks are being nationalized. GM CEO Wagoner...
  6. janstett

    Clarkson praises the Porsche 944

    This made me puff my chest out a little bit. Tiff had a nice nostalgic review of it a bit back (he did race them for Porsche), and now Jeremy adds this in his "Clarkson on Porsche" article: ------------------- "And then they fitted flared wheel arches and a new four-cylinder 2.5-litre engine...
  7. janstett

    Wither the affordable performance car?

    I love supercars as much as anybody here. Hell, I've even driven a few of them (Ford GT, F430, Gallardo, DB9). But sadly I won't be buying one of them anytime soon. I find after a few years of obsession and close encounters, I'm becoming numb to the spectacle. Which brings me to my point...
  8. janstett

    Let the ZR1 Nurburgring lap times begin

    Jalopnik is reporting that the Corvette ZR1 has been spotted at the Nurburgring turning in consistant 7:40 lap times -- on a cold wet track and piloted by engineers. (For reference, the Z06 turned in a seat-of-the-pants 7:42 with an ALMS driver at the wheel.) And GM engineers are confidently...
  9. janstett

    Stig mentioned in "Get Fuzzy" comic strip

    Check out the kid's tee shirt
  10. janstett

    Dodge Demon: Good news, bad news

    The good news is Dodge will be going to production with it its two seat roadster in the flavor of the MX-5 Miata and Solstace/Sky. The bad news is it will be front wheel drive. WTF?
  11. janstett

    Corvette ZR-1 unveiled
  12. janstett

    Stupid question: Formula 1 cars vs Indy cars

    I must confess to being an ignorant noob in this area as I don't watch either Formula 1 or Indy car. I'm more of an ALMS guy and in-the-flesh track day participant. So I'm coming to my friendly neightborhood people-who-follow-F1 for advice. Maybe I can get into it. To my untrained eye, F1...
  13. janstett

    For Americans wondering "Why the hate?", some answers from PBS

    I caught the premiere of "America at a Crossroads: The Anti-Americans (a hate/love relationship)" just now on PBS. They spend a good 20 minutes of this episode on the British view of America (the first 15-20 minutes I caught discussed Poland's relationship with America; and apparently I just...
  14. janstett

    No Clarkson DVD in 2007?

    I guess I assumed Clarkson's independent DVDs were annually released like clockwork. Around this time last year we got word of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But I haven't noticed anything this year. Will there be a Clarkson DVD in fall 2007?
  15. janstett

    Top Gear and Mythbusters stealing each other's ideas

    I've noticed with some indignity that Top Gear in series past had "borrowed" ideas already done by the Discovery Channel series here in the US called MythBusters. For example, the remote controlled cars. Today MythBusters is returning the favor; I'm watching a segment at this very moment where...
  16. janstett

    The state of Top Gear at the end of Series 9

    Now that series 9 has passed into history, it's time to reflect on it. I think the show has officially jumped the shark. I still love watching and enjoy it, but I've watched and enjoyed other shows after they've jumped in the past. The chemistry of the three presenters is extraordinary. The...
  17. janstett

    Guide to what Americans hear

    Boot: Bonnet: Saloon: Pound: Petrol: Spanner: Coupe: Aluminium: Jaguar: Chips: Lorry: Lift: Loo: Add your own!
  18. janstett

    Test drove a Ford GT and a Corvette Z06

    Several months ago I entered a pay-to-drive event and was able to spend about 30 minutes each with a Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Murcielago, and Ferrari F430. Unfortunately, at the time two cars were unable to perform...
  19. janstett

    My day test driving four exotics (Ferrari, Lambo, Aston...)

    I had the opportunity to test drive several exotic cars on June 5, and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. Some people may never get the chance to drive these cars, so I want to share the experience of what it felt like to slip behind the wheels of these dream cars. I know I can't...
  20. janstett

    Way off topic -- BBC radio and TV in the UK

    It is well established that US car shows suck, big time. There is nothing close to Top Gear here, and 5th Gear is better than anything we have. However, the Top Gear crew's stint on BBC radio in S8 E02 got me thinking... What exactly is the UK media like? It sounds like 9 out of 10 outlets...