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  1. SpeedRace

    Want To Buy a Car

    I'm a bit confused,:? I just can't make up my mind which car I want to buy. I'm now at my last year of school, so I'm almost done with my study. I like a car that have some speed min.230 KM/H Is a bit good looking, but also not too expensive:cry: Do someone have any idea? let me know
  2. SpeedRace


    Hallo, I'm looking for a Pagani Zonda Body without the engine, I can't find it anywhere, need your help. And also want to know, how much it the prise tag? I want to put a other engine in it.:D
  3. SpeedRace

    which car would you rather have?

    I had choose 5 cars, and I like to know which you rather have? feel free to tell me why you choose that car