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  1. BlaRo

    2015 Fiat 500, Fifties Timewarp Edition: Meet "Basil"

    This is easily the cutest car I've ever owned. :happy: 2015 Fiat 500, 1957 Edition. Comes with all the retro accoutrements like the retro wheels, retro paint color, retro white roof, and the nicest interior any city car deserves to have: Girlfriend loves it, she christened it...
  2. BlaRo

    Ownership Verified: I bought a damn Porsche [1987 Porsche 924S]

    It's the poor man's, very poor man's Porsche. 1987 Porsche 924S, made the same year as me. HELL YEAH it's the 2.5 motor. Test drove it on Tuesday and it felt great. Owner was a really nice guy and a Corny Dad type who bought it for his son ("think Sheldon from Big Bang," he kept reminding us)...
  3. BlaRo

    Ownership Verified: BlaRo's Cross-Country road-warrior see-America-right Volkswagen CC

    The story, thus far: After everything that's happened with the Miata, which shall go unmentioned here, my parents must've taken pity on me. My dad's gonna be in China for most of the year, and they have two cars back in Massachusetts. So...they decided to let me use this 2012 Volkswagen CC that...
  4. BlaRo

    Jalopnik: I Drove Every Aston Martin

    And you didn't! :P Well, nearly every Aston Martin. (I didn't come up with the title, but that's Jalopnik for ya.) One of the latest stories I've done was when Jalopnik asked me to drive every new Aston Martin: the now eight-speeded Vanquish and Rapide S, the Vantage GT, and the V12 Vantage S...
  5. BlaRo

    Ownership Verified: BlaRo's Moto Gutsy

    Jeez, I bought this thing what, back in May? Consider this the longest and laziest time to pass in creating an ownership thread. Anyway, this is my 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Special. It's a hoot. Torquey, loud, rough around the edges. Open up the throttle and it sounds like molasses being...
  6. BlaRo

    14 hours to Pebble Beach

    My first big moto adventure. I put 1,000 miles on my bike in a weekend, and I rode from Los Angeles to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance with two guys on retro bikes. The full story is here, if you care to chip into my proverbial beer fund (click on an ad!). Here is the photo report. We...
  7. BlaRo

    Autoweek: Crushing cars with a tank named "Larry"

    A few months ago, I went to the woods in Minnesota. Now, if you ever wind up in the woods in Minnesota, either your life has gone horribly, horribly wrong, or you've kept the wrong group of people around. The group of people with whom I went into the woods in Minnesota were definitely not right...
  8. BlaRo

    Autoweek: 25 Years Later, the 300ZX is Still Dreamworthy

    Those of you among us might remember that when I first joined this forum, I was obsessed with the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. Here's a secret: I still am. And I got to drive one, albeit briefly, but still indelibly. 25 years later, the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is still dreamworthy
  9. BlaRo

    Autoweek: Retracing Steve McQueen's Los Angeles in his Jaguar XKSS

    More at The King of Cool meets the coolest car ever. Namely, myself. :P
  10. BlaRo

    The Great Guzzi Problem

    As many of you here know, I bought a Moto Guzzi V7 on March 29th. It had 11,000 miles. When I bought the bike, it had just undergone a full service 100 miles ago, including full valve adjust and oil change. It then sat for over a month. When I bought it, the bike wouldn't idle - it would shut...
  11. BlaRo

    Autoweek: Birth of an Icon

    I toured the Icon shop where they build those rad FJ40s, Broncos and Dodge D200 pickup trucks. Jonathan Ward is a True American Hero and an insane, obsessive man living the dream of building shit he likes. Fortunately, plenty of people happen to like his shit. Autoweek: Birth of an Icon
  12. BlaRo

    Miata in imminent danger of bed-shitting

    The story thus far: My Miata passed its 60k service about two months ago. I changed all the fluids and stuff except the timing belt, chain, and some seals, which I was planning to do at 75k. There's a slow leak in the differential seals that's been going on for some time now. I have the new...
  13. BlaRo

    Grinding brakes

    I get a grinding noise from the front left passenger side when I brake at low speeds. I recently replaced both front brake calipers with new NAPA units to see if I could alleviate the problem, but it's still happening even after I just had the left caliper replaced yesterday. My 2000 Miata NB...
  14. BlaRo

    Autoweek: We declare "War On Teasers"

    We're sick of teasers. We're going to see the damned cars next week. Hence, Autoweek has declared a War On Teasers. Scion sent us this teaser of the new tC coupe, which they'll unveil next week. Ooh, fancy. See, you can find out that it has mirrors and isn't 20 feet long. So, we assumed that...
  15. BlaRo

    Autoweek: (Re)announcing the Hooniverse Podcast!

    I'm co-hosting a podcast! It's myself and Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse fame/infamy and we're talking cars, the glamorous life of the autojourno business, what we're driving this week, and what beers we're frantically swirling down our gullets (not at the same time). Astute readers may remember -...
  16. BlaRo

    Looking for a place to stay in Monterey

    Hey FG, I'm going to the Pebble Beach Concours for the weekend of Aug. 17th to the 19th, and I'd love to find a couch to crash on. Is there anybody here within the Monterey/Salinas area, south of SF, that'd be willing to accomodate me? Perks include me buying you a decent bottle of whiskey (or...
  17. BlaRo

    Any Finalgear members in Japan?

    ...who'd be willing to pick up some stuff for the rest of us? :D I hope this isn't too crass of me to ask, but I occasionally have a few car parts I'd like to get from Japan directly?minor stuff like shift knobs and Type-R stickers and accessories, not like, entire transmissions. MAD JAY DEE...
  18. BlaRo

    FinalGear Sexy SoCal Meetup

    I've taken the party from MA to SoCal, so let's get this started. Me, Chels, LP and Hatmouse are planning something for this Saturday. Half of us are in San Diego, and the other half are Orange County/Los Angeles, so who's got suggestions to meet up? I imagine driving in between should be ok for...
  19. BlaRo

    First man to be cured of HIV

    More at Reuters. We need to throw AS MUCH GODDAMN MONEY AS POSSIBLE at these guys. Literally. Crumple your bills into a ball and throw it in the direction of Germany. DO IT, PEOPLE.
  20. BlaRo

    iTunes Playlist Hell

    As some of you may know, I just got a new Macbook. And it's neat! But iTunes has always been a NEMESIS for me, and now that I've been relocating my entire music collection from its former location on an external HD onto my computer's main HD, I've subsequently lost all of my playlists as a...