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    seas/sunsets/and scenic serenity

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    Abandonedness and fall colors galore

    me and my girlfriend went to this old abandoned barn that we drive by everyday and took some pics THeres a bunch but i hope you look at em and enjoy them and tell me what you think :-) Near by there was a pile of metal that looked like 2 trailor houses got mixed in a blender...
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    skating pictures from this weekend

    skating this weekend adam came down from nc so i got pictures of him i know not many if any of yall skate but i thought the pictures were worthy a littlesoft but oh well i liked the composition
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    Too many pics for lensflare ::::UPDATED WITH NEW PICS:

    ive taken way to many lately so i cant keep putting them off
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    abstracts i made in photoshop

    i have a lot of free time this summer so ive been messin around in photoshop here they are haha 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 hope ya like em tell me which ones are bbetter
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    photoshop coolness

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    more pictures yep

    hey heres some more of my shit color version of last pic
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    Some random pictures

    pics of the last week in skating prolly already seen a couple of em [/img]