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  1. minigolf

    Number of episodes in Season 16

    Anyone know how many eps we can expect? The normal 6-7 or might we get a few extras because we were a bit short changed with S15?
  2. minigolf

    Top Gear In Vietnam

    I have it on good authority the lads are about to start filming a Vietnam Special, which will presumably air in Series 12. :cool:
  3. minigolf

    Porsche GT3 rollover at N?rburgring Oops! :P
  4. minigolf

    Evolution of car logos

    I've seen this link on a few forums, but it doesn't seem to be posted here. Make yourself a tea or coffee then sit down and read this, it's very cool... :)
  5. minigolf

    Looks like I had a thread removed/deleted... was originally posted in the General Automotive section and was a plug to my not for profit N?rburgring blog. Any reason why it seems to have disappeared? TIA Liam
  6. minigolf

    OS X icons

    A couple of icons I just made, free for all ... download the .sit files. 8) Cheers Liam
  7. minigolf

    Make your own TG test track

    Kind of like in this thread: Use Google Earth/Maps and make your own test track from your local airport. 8)