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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    If it is just you then grab a rental and stay with us. We'd be delighted to put you up at no cost. You just need to chip in for beer and food. And beer. Joking. Happy to put you up and feed you as well. Aminal will be on the menu for your carnivorous pleasure Minimal ex-gratia payment...
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    Energy production, storage, and future technologies
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    Different meet up. Adus we planning to attend the FoS and we were going to go with them but their plan is on hold because some life got in the way.
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    An escape room is also on the cards, but I won’t book that until we know Sam’s exam timetable as it would be a shame if he couldn’t take part.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Now that Gordon Murray is resurrecting the marque, I think it’s safe to say that in the current climate if TVR ever puts out another car called the Chimera it will be a hybrid.
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    What’s your favorite technology?

    I think it has to be my current phone combined with the internet. It has more memory than my first laptop, shoots in higher resolution than my DSLR, has a battery that lasts all day even when I hammer it, is basically the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in terms of the information I can access...
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    Energy production, storage, and future technologies
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    Random Thoughts....

    I'm not. It's not as if there is as global shortage of people.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Thanks to a colleague's musical choices yesterday afternoon I spent the whole evening with Adele stuck in my head. Which was only marginally less unpleasant than having my head stuck in Adele.
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    The Guy Martin Thread

    Guy Martin is about as dangerous as custard. bone on the other hand is a reactionary bell-end.
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    Random Thoughts....

    American Pie (original version) Hotel California Bohemian Rhapsody Bat Out of Hell (album version) Layla (album version) If you ever hear any of those songs played on the radio, it's almost certainly because the DJ has gone to take a dump.
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    Unverified Ownership Anesthesia's daily driver. I skipped the 90's

    Always liked that generation of Accord. The wagon version is mahoosive. Personally I'd have bought the 2.2 diesel version - with proper maintenance those engine are good for 500k km. And a remap would get you over 200hp and many tork-wehs.
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    I just discovered while googling something random that there is a movie made in 2012 called Strippers vs Werewolves. I won't be watching that any time soon.
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    The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

    We thought our dreams of selling up in 2-3 and moving to somewhere that isn't the UK had been totally scuppered by Brexit. Turns out that isn't 100% true. No language barrier, right hand drive cars and still have access to free healthcare? GET IN! :mouse:
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Dude you look like a hipster version of Jay (aka Jayhawk) who used to be a regular here. Except he just lost his beard as you acquired yours.
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    Oddly enough the plan was to go there anyway and the Adus were possibly coming to stay with us but their plans are on hold due to various things. Keep us updated and we can sync things to ensure we all buy tickets for the same day.
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    Well make sure you keep us informed of your plans so there is a good chance of meeting up while you're over. For reference we live just outside Chichester in West Sussex - LHR and LGW are both within reasonable reach.
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    I am proposing the following for the Friday evening, followed by staying in a nearby AirBnB, before departing in the morning for the Kempton Steam Museum. #choochoobitches Also in the morning there is a great stretch of road...
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    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    As so often happens in late spring or early summer, IceBone the Darjanator will be paying us a visit, only this time there will be a nicjasno in his checked bag. Various activities will be planned in due course and plans will become more concrete once I have the dates for Junior's exams as...