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    VNC won't work with new router

    I use VNC because I'm a lazy SOB. I used to have a Belkin F5d7230-4 router that was suupplied with my first laptop, served very well, something like 4 years then it died. Now I have a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND and VNC just doesn't want to work. I've tried reinstalling it on laptop and desktop, but it...
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    "Display driver ..responding and has recovered successfully"???? -Help

    Hey, so I am just using my computer as normal and the screen just blacks out, then I come back to this error. It's happened a few times randomly, which is slowly getting frustrating. I have not manually updated any video card drivers or anything. Anyone know a fix? Video card is a GT240
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    Talk to me about C(programming language)

    Hey FG, I'm taking a computing course this semester, and my brother tells me I have to learn C. Also I should do some pre-reading, so I won't be lost in my classes. So I just want to learn some basics, like what is it? Is it complex? Does it get easier over time? Will I hate myself for picking...
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    Converting wtv to mp4

    I have a TV tuner and use Windows Media Centre to record programs, works fine but I want to compress the MPEG-2 files down to something smaller in size, (i'm recording a series right now and 8GBs per file is really annoying) Anyway, any free programs like Handbrake which can handle WTV files?
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    Please help me with Windows Media Center

    I am really pissed off with this program. I like it because it looks so pretty, yet hate it because I don't know what the fuck I am doing. First off I have a Leadtek DTV Gold tuner. I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I used to use Winfast PVR2 which wasn't great but it did the job PROPERLY. Please...
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    Format + Installing 7 didn't go well.

    So I wanted to clean install Windows 7 on my XP system. The computer has 2 drives, a 500G, separated with a 30GB with OS and the rest for other stuff. There's also a 320GB drive which I want to install Windows 7 on, but it didn't turn up in the list...
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    How do I set up uTorrent to download Top Gear 15x01?

    I remember there was some sort of scheduling thing that would allow me to download Top Gear when it came out. It was automated, which I need since I'll be on the way to school then. Thanks
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    So my PC is dead..

    I have no clue what happened to my computer but my mum told me she was just browsing the internet and it just went out. No warnings or anything, like someone pulled the power cable out. I do remember hearing it sound like it was really hot in there, as in the fans were going flat out, like when...
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    Getting very different readings for 8800GT

    Speedfan says I am getting a temperature of 44C RivaTuner says I am getting a core temperature of around 152C Which should I believe? And I am getting artificing as soon as I am starting gaming which freezes my computer and makes me restart I have an Eagle 8800GT which I have flexed quite hard...
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    Program to cut mkv files?

    Hey, just looking for a program to cut mkv files, freeware please. I tried avidemux, but the sync came out completely wrong and I got sick of it, maybe its my settings, I don't know.
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    Windows doesn't boot

    My computer has been having this problem where it gets to the boot screen and then the blue bar just stops somehow and I try restart it heaps of times, it still doesn't work. However I can still boot in Safe Mode and thank god I found the way to change the resolution or I would hate the computer...
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    Lead me through a HDD install

    So, currently I have a 500GB SATA drive running the OS and general stuff on the HDD. I plan on buying a 320GB one just for the OS and programs etc. I just have a few questions 1. When I've connected it all up (how hard can it be?), is there some settings I need to change in the BIOS to start...
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    Your useless knowledge?

    Saw this on another forum and thought it was a cool thread So my useless knowledge would probably being able to identify a hell of a lot of planes in the sky And telling you a lot about a Simpsons episode if you gave me a brief overview. I know too much about the show The O.C.
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    Recycle bin crashes in Vista

    So this is really pissing me off now. I deleted something I wasn't meant to and now when I go to restore it, I ALWAYS get windows explorer fucking crashing. This is what I get in the report. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: explorer.exe Application...
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    Laptop downloads faster than Desktop. Why?

    I was downloading something of Megaupload yesterday with my laptop and saw it got past the 150kb/s mark. However with my desktop. I can only get a measly 50kb/s. What can make the laptop superior comapred to the desktop. Specs on the desktop are E8400 - 3.0ghz 2GB ram 500GB drive to which I...
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    Audio problem with WMP

    I was watching some recorded tv on my computer (formula 1) and its in 5.1. I only have stereo speakers with a subwoofer. Somehow when I played a race the commentary was on but suddenly I lost it. Thinking it was the tv network's problem I played the whole race and it was just natural sound. I...
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    NSW Govt approval needed to lower cars,23599,25790506-1702,00.html?from=public_rss Thoughts? Opinions?
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    Charlie Cox still listed in TGA forum details

    Hi, it's series 2 and we have a new host, James Morrison. /ocd
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    Video converting program?

    Hi, i'm a cheapass and im looking for a free video converting program. Somethng like SUPER. Super is good, but it cant take recorded tv and downsize it because theres almost no space in the C drive. Also, looking for one that can get chop out ads
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    Leadtek tv tuner problem

    I am very annoyed by my new Leadtek TV Tuner USB Dongle Gold. I installed the drivers and the program that comes with it to show TV. When I press it to go watch something is says 'due to demultiplexer issue, system failed to build graph' what the f does that mean?! and how do i go about fixing it?