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    2011 Ford Super Duty debuts at Texas State Fair

    I wish they would bring this to South-Africa, Ford only brought a few F250 from 2004-2006 to SA
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    Can somebody please stop Jimmy Johnson....
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    How often do you change your oil?

    My father bought a Nissan Navara (Frontier?) in 2007, the oil changes were 10 000km, (under 100 000km motorplan), in 2008 they informed us that is was changed to 15 000km because of the better quality Diesel ? can the fuel make such a differance or are they trying to save money on services ?
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    No 56k: Amazing tour of Chernobyl as it is today

    Wow dude thats amaizing, a once in a lifetime expierience! So they just left everyting as it was and run away ?
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    No 56k: My 96' Opel Astra

    OUch! AiR is that your Merc ?
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    Pair of pants hehe
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    2005 Ford F250 Single cab 2006 BMW E60 M5 2007 Chev Lumina 6.0 V8 aka Pontiac G8 aka Holden Monaro aka Vauxhall VXR8 (all the same car but dif names on dif continents)
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    Interlaced vs. Progressive

    Im not 100% but it might be the broadcaster ? I know in South-Africa we have a HD channel but sometimes the video is more compressed than other times...
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    Im I the only Nascar fan on this site ??
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    Guess that car game [advanced level]

    Home Built ?
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    News: 1-series owners 'think it's FWD'

    Yes agreed, but why dont those ppl just buy a Merc A class or a Golf ?
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Me on my Honeymoon in Las Vegas, USA
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    Top Gear Magazine: Photoshop your own AMG Mercedes Van

    Lol +1 rep for creativity!
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    Anyone here own a Logitech G15 or G19 keyboard?

    Lol Dr_Grip I would kill for one of those hehe
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    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    Redesign the cockpit aka new rule change ?
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    Hi, My name is Johan, I'm from Nelspruit, South-Africa (Close to the Kruger Park). Im a big Nascar fan and was a big F1 fan (still am but not as passionate). I Drive a '05 Ford F250 evryday and have a '06 BMW M5 for "special Ocassions" with 19 000km on the clock. My whife drives a Chev lumina...
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    Torrent Problem

    It might download a few bits from the other files (which u can just delete after completion)
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    PlayStation Network IDs