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  1. AshDav

    MyLife Trailer

    MyLife is a film being produced by the whole year 11 media class that I'm in, in which an iPhone application known as 'MyLife' begins to control people's lives. The application was originally designed only to play a 'soundtrack to your life', but now the application is dictating different...
  2. AshDav

    A Call for PhotoGuides Contributors

    Hi all. As many of you may know, I run a website called PhotoGuides. PhotoGuides is an online community holding guides and tutorials for both photography and photoshop, as well as inspiring content. Lately the website's been growing in size and I'm receiving over 1,000 visitors a day, and...
  3. AshDav

    Photoshopping a Heroes Style Eclipse

    The photo this tutorial creates is seriously cool. Also, looking into this technique has taught me heaps about lighting effects, colour dodge and all that stuff, so I thought I might share it with people on here. It's for creating the eclipse form there heroes intro. You can find the original...
  4. AshDav

    Photoshopping Digital Bokeh

    I released this tutorial just last night on Photo Guides, and i thought some people here might like it. Bokeh is derived from the Japanese word 'Boke' which means blur or haze. It's an incredible aspect of photography (and you can see some really cool bokeh photographs here), and in this...
  5. AshDav

    Free Digital Bokeh Wallpaper

    I thought some of you might like this. It's a bokeh wallpaper i made on photoshop, very high res (1920x1200), with an iphone compatible version too. Enjoy!
  6. AshDav

    Photoshopping Scrapbooks

    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to tear paper, add sticky tape, handwrite and spill ink, all to create a high quality digital scrapbook. They're pretty cool, and easy to make as well. Also, if you like the tute, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could leave a rating on my podcast. I've not...
  7. AshDav

    Photoshopping Obama 'Hope' Posters

    They're fun to make :) 6661988 Here's the one I made in the tutorial Good luck and enjoy!
  8. AshDav

    How to photoshop iPhone icons

    I created this guide on photoshopping iPhone icons a while ago and i figured some people here might be interested in making some of their own :) You can take a look at the iphone icons tutorial on my website or see it here: 6005145 here's the one i made in the tute Good luck :)
  9. AshDav

    My Photography/Photoshop Podcast

    Hi all As some of you may know, i run a website called PhotoGuides. A while ago i started a podcast as a bit of a marketing tool, and it's now become a fairly large part of my website. In the past week i've had over 1000 downloads and it's still rising :) Better still, on the Australian iTunes...
  10. AshDav

    How did they film the Sl65 Black intro in Top Gear 13x03 I'm talking about the video-light-graffiti at the start. It fascinates me. If you were to move a light source around the car then you'd normally just see a moving light with no trail. I know you can create this same effect in photography using light...
  11. AshDav

    iPod Graffiti Guide

    The image above should be fairly explanatory of what iPod Graffiti is. You may also know it as 'iPod People' or 'iPod silhouettes' You can also find this guide right here on Photo Guides (my website) and I'd appreciate if you commented on there as well, just to keep the interest and content...
  12. AshDav

    Was the Veyron v McLaren race staged?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is a repost, but i've been searching through the forums and can't find anything. So apologies in advanced if it is. Anyway. It really surprised me to see the incredible performance of the McLaren in the race on 13x02. I've heard numerous specs on the Veyron in...
  13. AshDav

    Tiny Planets from Panoramic photos

    Firstly, this is a guide i wrote for my website. You can find the original guide here at If you do make one of these tiny planets, would you be able to post it in the comments on the website? I'm just trying to keep the content flowing :)...
  14. AshDav

    Photoshopping Tilt Shift - Miniature Fakes

    You can also find this guide on I wrote it on there, then thought some people here might like it. Edit 21st June: I've also created a video tutorial which i hope is a bit nicer to follow :) Here goes...
  15. AshDav

    Time Lapse - Simunye 3096

    Not strictly a photo i know, but its completely photography based Some of you may have seen my Simunye album up a while ago. (photos are in my simunye photograpy collection if you haven't) Well, i was looking for a way to express my simunye experience in a way that a few photos could never...
  16. AshDav

    Simunye and the Smiles of South African Children

    For the past 20 days or so I've been traveling around South Africa with a group on a trip known as Simunye (meaning 'We are One'). Simunye is a community service based experience designed to empower young Australians with the skills and mindset needed to make a global difference. The basic idea...
  17. AshDav

    Photo Guides - My New Site

    Hi all Just letting you know that my website is now up and running I realise the current content is slim, but i plan to have a few guides posted every week or two, so eventually i'll have a solid collection of guides and more. I'd really appreciate some support by...
  18. AshDav

    Camaro axed for RHD market

    Bit of a shame but some are bound to find their way over here and get converted.
  19. AshDav

    Do you believe in Global Warming/Climate Change

    I just thought this could be interesting i have my own personal views on this whole climate change phenomenon, which i'm not going to elaborate on and give all my detailed reasons for in this post due to respect of other peoples decisions. Basically i do believe in climate change, but i do not...
  20. AshDav

    Do or die for Toyota. If the wins don't come they go out

    From Autoblog well that can't be good