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    What side are your indicators on?

    What side of the wheel are your indicators on, and is your car LHD or RHD? Mine is RHD, and has its indicators on the right hand side.
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    Ford Falcon I6 - gone 2010... What a shame, the old I6 is a very nice engine.
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    More rubbish car shows out there...

    I was given a link to a new Aussie car show, and watched a few of the clips on their site, quite simply, it's god-awful. The 'reviews' read like they're going off the press release, and the comparisons are heavily biased (like comparing the Ford...
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    $680,000 Ford Falcon,22049,21450894-5006009,00.html Holy crap, $683,650 for a Phase 3! Then again, worth every penny :) Remember, that much money would buy here: 50 brand new Holden Barinas 34 brand new Toyota Corollas Two brand new Aston Martin DB9s A Ferrari F430...
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    Vauxhall VXR8 - Another rebadged Commodore

    Yep, the VE's going to the UK now, as the Vauxhall VXR8. It looks like it'll be based on the Clubsport R8, and there's a rumoured supercharged version. Info at the below link, and at the Vauxhall site (in VXR range)...
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    Holden EFIJY concept

    There's pictures here:*query?@&images=60&source=holden What can I say other than: that's crazy! You could say that it's not skimping on the bling, as well.