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  1. MWF

    Brexit Meat 2020 (Vegan Options Available) - June 15-22

    As so often happens in late spring or early summer, IceBone the Darjanator will be paying us a visit, only this time there will be a nicjasno in his checked bag. Various activities will be planned in due course and plans will become more concrete once I have the dates for Junior's exams as...
  2. MWF

    New Land Rover Defender Officially Revealed. After initially thinking it looks too much like a rehashed version of a Discovery I've spent some time looking over the photos and concluded I rather like it.
  3. MWF

    "The Matrix" Part IV to go into production - Keanu Reeves confirmed to return as Neo Not expecting anything amazing myself. I anticipate a rehash akin to "Jason Bourne" with nothing majorly new or exciting added to the franchise or the story.
  4. MWF

    Goodwood Breakfast Club Aug 2019 - Classic Car Sunday

    Probably the best one to date with a huge variety of cool and interesting stuff. Needless to say I avoided photographing most of the numerous E Types, MGs, 911s, Austin Healeys and Triumph TRs.
  5. MWF

    Star Trek Pike/Enterprise Spin-off Confirmed Trailer in link. Not sure if these are going to be full length or truncated episodes. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar to be Revealed July 16th, 2019 - Complicate and Add Heaviness? Curious to see what this will look like and get an idea of the performance stats but hard to imagine how high performance BPEV could align with Colin Chapman's philosophy.
  7. MWF

    [27x02] Jun 23, 2019 Electric Car Special

    Three home made electric cars compete for honours, and Harris Monkey gives the Tesla Model 3 a spanking (before nicking my joke about Elon Musk souding like one of those phermone colognes alleged to attract women, the bastard!)
  8. MWF

    [27x01] Jun 16, 2019

    The presenters buy examples of their personal first cars to drive across Ethiopia, and Harris thrashes Ferrari and McLaren's lastest track weapons around the TG test track.
  9. MWF

    Ian Callum leaves Jaguar Land Rover after 20 years Not expecting any major changes in design direction which is a shame.
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    Season 27 Trailer has dropped - shows promise!
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    Bond 25 - "No Time To Die" - due for release April 2020

    As it’s in the works I thought we might as well start a thread. It would appear the lastest 007 movie is having a rather difficult birth. Daniel Craig is persuaded to do one more on the basis that Danny Boyle will direct. Boyle leaves the project due to the old chestnut of “creative...
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    BrexitMeet 13-19 May 2019

    @IceBone will arrive at LGW the evening of Monday May 13 and depart same around 18.00 on Sunday May 19. Weather permitting we will spend the day at Southdown Gliding Club on the Saturday and on the Sunday head to Brighton for the finish of the London to Brighton Mini Run. Also on the agenda...
  13. MWF

    Google just took a massive dump on your Xboxstation (other consoles are also obselete).

    Google announces new gaming streaming service, no console, game discs or downloads required. This will probably impact phone app developers as well
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    What car(s) did you hate at launch but have grown to like as time has passed? Or vice versa

    So earlier today I happened to walk past a metallic blue Chrysler Crossfire. Really didn't think much of them when they came out and agreed with the majority that it rather looked like a dog taking a dump but I reckon the years have been kind to them and while I would never buy one for numerous...
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    [26x01] Feb 17, 2019

    TG Season 26 kicks off with some sensible family estate cars and some rugged off-road choices.
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    Royal Mail to issue series of Marvel Stamps I know we have a fair few fans here on FG - if anyone wants help with obtaining First Day Covers of this collection I would be happy to assist. Or you may be able to order direct using the following link once the stamps are released mid March -...
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    Season 26 Confirmed to Start Feb 17th, 2019
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    HWF 3.0 has bigger cojones than I do!! WARNING: Incoming Charity Grovel!

    So later this year my intrepid fiancee is going to abseil (rappel for my US friends) down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in aid of the local Hospice for the terminally ill. She is aiming to raise a minimum of £500 and I thought I would ask the good Burgers of AnalGear is they could, please...
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    Suggestions to get ma Tail a Wagon.....

    Fun as the Winbiza is, it's not the biggest thing in the world and at 13 years old it's not going to last forever. Not looking to replace it immediately but when I do I think I will be heading back towards small wagon territory. I had the 330D and while it wasn't bad to drive and pulled like a...
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    The Connections Trivia Quiz Game

    Simples. Think of two random things that can be connected fairly simply with a knowledge of trivia. No more than three steps in each case please or it will just get tricky. For example: Scooby Doo and The Borg Let's kick off with Huckleberry Finn and a standard laptop. Right answer gets...