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  1. chimi

    Chris Evans out, Should Jay Kay be in?

    I'm still Happy that Chris Evans is out and watching some old episodes (series 1 and 2) reminded me of how good Jay Kay was, I would love to see him in a bigger role on the show. Maybe not completely replace Evans, but at least a few segments each season. His laps times and his interview with...
  2. chimi

    Someone in the forum is not going to like this (Dodge Viper)

    I was reading wired and found list: I'm pretty sure someone is not going to like this :lol: Personally I like the Viper but I can see their point.
  3. chimi

    Hammond: Is Hammond working with Kia? LOL

    Found this on youtube and thought the Hamsters were funny :lol:
  4. chimi

    James May: James May in Haul Road?

    I found this in the Land Rover 60th anniversary When did this happened? I just can't remember seen this in the show. Is this from another show presentet by James? a typo? or is it another James May? :lol...
  5. chimi

    Photo from the set

    I just found this, hope it isn't a repost Looks like Xzibit didn't make the cut
  6. chimi

    Max Mosley full of it?

    OK, Who else thinks Max Mosley is full of shit? The guy has admitted to prefer Ferrari and always gives them priority, he is in a witch hunt against McLaren and for me he is just killing the sport. And this is not a national pride matter for me, I'm Mexican, is not like I'm British and I'm...