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  1. hanasand

    Cool Videos

    The funniest thing you've ever seen? Well uhm, maybe if you've grown up in a wooden box without electricity that makes sence
  2. hanasand

    Spied: Lotus supercar

    What the hell, do you have X-ray vision?
  3. hanasand

    My photothread - shots from norway

    We'll he's got a point. The eastern urban parts of Norway tend to be quite flat and dull. But still, I'm not saying the scenery isn't spectacular enough. It's just a question of arranging the shot in such a way that elements you don't need doesn't appear all over the background and disturb the...
  4. hanasand

    My photothread - shots from norway

    Noen av bildene av Lamborghini Diabloen er knall, s?rlig fordi du i Photoshop f?r ryddet litt opp i bakgrunnene dine. Du begynner ? f? ganske peiling ser det ut til, eneste tipset fra meg er at bildene dine ofte virker litt rotere komponert og b?res kun av etterbehandlingen. Bruker du 1 minutt...
  5. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    No, nothing else. You're onto it. Just try to point out seperate areas which are quite flat in contrast ( a road, skies, face, jacket whatever), use some feather, and adjust the levels until it's perfect. Do this properly to most parts of the picture individually and you'll be likely to end up...
  6. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    Check it out, I made one of those miniature planets they have tutorials for all over the web based on one of the Iceland photos:
  7. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    No worries, I've introduced myself to them already :D
  8. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    Heh... That's unlikely, it's more than a year ago since that ended. Lasted 4 years so actually it felt fantastic to be a free slob again 8)
  9. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. About going through the post-processing I really have trouble with doing that on a late request like this because usually I just do everything i deem necessary (or more) to a picture, basically just fiddling around for 15 minutes until I get what I want. I...
  10. hanasand

    10 hours in Iceland

    So, I was in Minneapolis / U.S the other day, and on my flight back home I was so lucky to be stuck waiting in Iceland for about 10 hours. I didn't really take to many pictures because I was more focused on soaking it all in. But at least I got a few shots despite the heavy winds. We rented a...
  11. hanasand

    Top Gear black fade effect

    Yes. Export the clip you wish to mess with as a filmstrip. Just select it from the export list, I know Premiere supports it at least. Make sure your clip isn't too many seconds because the files become quite large and heavy to work with. But before you load it into photoshop you should export a...
  12. hanasand

    Rovers to be relaunched as SsangYongs.. how charming

    How can this auto-maker not see that a name no-one can pronounce won't sell particularly well, unless it's a koenigsegg offcourse (but that doesn't really sell in the hundreds either). They should've just renamed the brand to Mao or something, now that would be cool. All cars are red as default...
  13. hanasand

    the random fact game

    random fact: this thread is inevitably going to have repeated facts.
  14. hanasand

    BMW Z10

    I saw this photoshop over a year ago, it's old and made by some other guy. Personally I think the whole car is a myth
  15. hanasand

    France wants to be prepared for war with Iran..wait, FRANCE?!

    What's the deal with this French bashing? Sure, the language is not very masculine, but come on, you guys are fat.
  16. hanasand

    An even more exclusive Veyron?

    It's CG Einstein... So the guy who did the textures in the 3d software just doesn't know anything about carbon-fibre.
  17. hanasand

    Vehicles that don't suck Pt 1...

    What is this thread? And why is it in this section? Should be in general automotive
  18. hanasand

    Need help.

    that second one was harder than I thought... So I tried for five minutes and am now handing over the work to someone else :P
  19. hanasand

    Wireless Flashing!

    I don't know if it's possible with a D70, but I have a D80 and a SB800 blitz and it works wireless out of the box. Awesome stuff, I use it like that constantly.