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  1. gurei17

    Question about a Senna race...

    Many of you will remember a certain scene in the Senna Film on TGUK when he overtook another McLaren on the inside lane, just along the wall... I suspect that was Prost, but, could anyone tell me which race that was on?
  2. gurei17

    Will any TG do something at the olympics?

    Will TG do anything at the olympics? Even if not TGUK? Or will they waste this chance to make a great film?
  3. gurei17

    When will TGUK stop broadcasting?

    Probably someone already asked this, but, when do you all think that tguk will cease? I do remember that Andy said that they are now closer to the end of the show (that was after S14 I think) but with the recent improvements I am not that sure about it. Nevertheless, I still would like to know.