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  1. Matt Hsv

    DMCA Notice

    I just came on here to check as I do daily if there was any update on when Top Gear UK will return and I see this copyright infringment. Hopefully Viper can speak to someone from the BBC and have this all sorted out for the new season of Top Gear UK. Whatever happens though I will stick with...
  2. Matt Hsv

    [04x01] September 3rd, 2013

    Just went to watch the first episode of season 4 Top Gear America and it does have quite a large chunk missing from the middle of the show at around 22mins.
  3. Matt Hsv

    [22x01] February 11th, 2013

    The last part of the plane car segment with VB-H screaming like she is having an orgasm was a bit over the top. Other than that the episode was a good return for Fifth Gear.
  4. Matt Hsv

    TGA Axed

    Absolutely terrible what channel 9 has done to Top Gear alot of us knew it was bad when 9 purchased Top Gear from Sbs and the worst has come to fruition.
  5. Matt Hsv

    Series 4 start date

    The new time has actually worked out better for me that way i can watch another show at 8:30pm on another network and still get to watch top gear at 9:30pm :)
  6. Matt Hsv

    [04x01] August 30th, 2011

    Last weeks episode wasn't that bad for Top Gear Australia although rumour has it that filming for that episode was shot late last year before they went off air. Hopefully this week's episode will be better.
  7. Matt Hsv

    [02x07] September 4, 2011

    Very much looking forward to this episode it sounds very good.
  8. Matt Hsv

    Why TGA is much worse than TGUK

    The return of Top Gear Australia is going to be interesting hopefully they will start reviewing cars as others have said for what they are and what they really think about them and not worry about being politically correct. I agree with the Shane Warne thing throwing viewers off all I could...
  9. Matt Hsv

    Series 4 start date

    Probably I wasn't paying much attention in the ads went out and had it muted as there was sooo many ads once every 10 mins or so. Good new series of Underbelly though :)
  10. Matt Hsv

    Series 4 start date

    Yes for real this time unbelievably. I saw a commercial advertising it while i was watching the re-run of Hamish and Andy's gap year tonight. They were saying Wendell Sailor, Hamish and Andy and a few other stars for SIARPC this season we will see how it fairs. BTW no date was given just said...
  11. Matt Hsv

    Series 4 start date

    I wouldn't mind to see another season as it is from the homeland but everyone seems to be waiting and nobody from ch.9 is telling us if it is in fact coming back or not.
  12. Matt Hsv

    Mclaren Mp 4/12C review, what did you think?

    Much like alot of people here have said Fifth gear and Top Gear's review have been practically the same Tiff said that it was missing something and Jeremy also said the Mclaren was missing something and for good reason. That something was character the two were correct and agreed with each other...
  13. Matt Hsv

    [17x06] July 31st, 2011

    I gave this episode an 8 it was a good episode to wrap up another successful season for top gear. Also it was good to see the old Stig (Ben Collins) doing the right thing with the soldiers time trial rally. Even after what he did to Top Gear its good to see Top Gear give him another chance and...
  14. Matt Hsv

    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    Absolute great episode this weeks i rated it a 9 I still can't believe the car train actually worked and they got the speeds they did Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) was a great guest and am extremely happy for him posting the fastest SIARPC lap ever in the Kia hatch. All in all an excellent episode of...
  15. Matt Hsv

    Nine to air full BBC2 episodes of TopGear

    "From Tuesday 8:30pm top gear will return on channel 9 for a new series" not sure if this means the actual new series 17 or the previous series 16 time will tell.
  16. Matt Hsv

    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    It's going to be a very good episode tonight just like the last 3. Especially with Andy Wilman and Jeremy Clarkson giving us a sneak preview yesterday. :)
  17. Matt Hsv

    I call bollocks on their used car prices

    Quite simple really most people nowadays want MPG over exotic genuinely nice cars, not me though I know a nice car when i see one especially one with plenty of grunt under the hood.
  18. Matt Hsv

    Top Gear Revelation

    I found the first 3 episodes very good and they are saying the next few are going to be better its a win win really. :)
  19. Matt Hsv

    Nine to air full BBC2 episodes of TopGear

    I'm very disappointed with Nine's screenings of top gear the shows (when ever they put them on) are riddled with ads and there is such a gap between one show and another it's ridiculous.
  20. Matt Hsv

    Clarkson: Do you think Sebastian Vettel looks like Clarkson?

    I am having alot of difficulty after watching 17x03 twice now seeing any resemblance between Sebastien Vettel and Jeremy Clarkson.