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    Thinking of visiting Toronto in June

    Hi all! Im going to visit a friend in NY in june, and i had the idea of going to visit Toronto after for a weekend. I visited Toronto 2 years ago with my friend, we both loved it there, everyone we met we're very nice and helpful. However we made the mistake of booking a hotel far far far away...
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    Blaupunkt radio not working

    I hope this is in the right place. The thing is, the radio shows the time and looks like its switched on, but i cant switch it on or off, pressing any button doesnt do anything. Anybody knows anything about radios that can help me? Its in a wheel loader.
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    E39 540i a dream come true

    Well I say that but ive wanted an M5 since i first saw it in NFS Hot Pursuit 11 years ago. But you cant just jump in the deep end of the pool. So i got the next best thing Colour : Black Sapphire Metallic (255) Sports Leather Steering Wheel (320) Model Designation Deletion (379) 2-Pce...
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    Clutch and difflock troubles

    I recently bought a 88 Camry alltrac/4WD. the previous owner replaced the clutch and after that the difflock stopped working. Also the clutch pedal is really hard to press down any ideas?
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    Canadians! those who live in Ontario

    Me and my friend are planning a week long trip this June to Toronto. We'll most likely rent a car so a bit of driving around Southern Ontario is a big possibility. I just wanted to know if there are any interesting places we could take a look at. I'm asking for everything. Touristy places...
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    Thougts on Focus ST 2006

    I'm thinking of buying a Ford Focus ST 2006, driven 38000 km which is nothing really is there something I should check before buying it? are there any problems with it?
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    Going to Germany and Switzerland - ideas

    Im planning a trip to Switzerland in March and ill be flying to Frankfurt and drive to Geneva (Geneva Motor Show), and I wanted some ideas for a place to visit. I have already decided to go to both Merc and Porsche museum in Stuttgart also BMW in M?nchen. Then there is Neuschwanstein Castle and...
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    A little help with logo

    Hello there Uhm, I am in a club called Live2Cruize here in Iceland and its logo has been the same since 2002/2003 when it was "founded", the logo is like this: as you can see its a GT Impreza, and I had the idea of removing the Impreza and putting the new one or some other car but I am not...
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    The Facebook thread

    edit stupid idea...delete
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    Best Cross Country vehicle

    Me and my friend are considering entering the Icelandic Cross Country Rally next year(if there will be one) and we are looking for a vehicle, Jeep, Pajero/Montero/Shogun, Suzuki(lightweight but not so good in high speed cornering), Land cruiser 60 or 70, Hilux or 4Runner. Any ideas? better ones?
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    Corolla Forums

    Didn't know where to put it but does anybody know of a good Corolla forum? I am thinking of buying a 1988 Corolla GTI but I wanted to see some good ideas of how to modify it:D that is the one and only but as you can see, that steering wheel would be the first thing to disappear:D I burn...
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    Protests in Iceland

    just wanted you to see the situation we are in here this was in ca. april-may last summer, protest against increasing cost of petrol, started by truckers/lorry drivers Part 1 of protest yesterday part 2...